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Proov Predict LH Tests

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Find Your 2 Most Fertile Days

When it comes to getting pregnant, timing can play a big role. Whether you’re timing intercourse or insemination, Proov Predict identifies your 2 most fertile days so you can do so with confidence.  

Quantity: 15 LH tests, 1 cycle supply


Why you need it:

  • Essential for those trying to conceive, offering accurate information for optimal timing and increasing the chances of successful conception.
  • Defines "peak fertility" as the first positive LH test, aligning with studies indicating that most women ovulate after the first positive LH test.
  • Ideal for those wanting more accurate predictions of their fertile window in conjunction with their period tracking app.

Why we love it:

  • We love that Proov Predict measures LH, instilling confidence in its ability to accurately predict the two most fertile days.
  • The strategic recommendation to try a day or two before the expected positive LH test, offering users a proactive approach to conception.
  • Recognises the value of integrating with period tracking apps, providing users with a comprehensive fertility prediction tool for a more informed journey.

What is it (and why):

  • The kit contains components for measuring luteinizing hormone, ensuring a reliable and accurate LH test. It provides clear instructions on how to use the kit, ensuring users can perform LH testing with ease.
  • Provides guidelines for interpreting positive LH test results, ensuring users can confidently understand and act upon the information.
  • This kit emphasises the value of combining LH measurement with period tracking, providing users with a holistic and informed approach to fertility planning.
how to use


You’ll start tracking your peak fertility with Proov Predict tests
about 18 days before your next expected period. Proov define “peak fertility” as the first positive LH test, not the “most positive” like some other brands.  Once you get your first positive test, you can stop testing.



  • 15 LH tests to predict ovulation
  • Proov Insight Companion app
  • Proov app card

Proov Predict LH Tests
Proov Predict LH Tests
Proov Predict LH Tests
Proov Predict LH Tests
Proov Predict LH Tests
Proov Predict LH Tests
Proov Predict LH Tests
Proov Predict LH Tests
  • Numeric hormone values

  • 99% accurate

  • Non-invasive

Predict LH Tests. The tests are very easy to read, accurate, and the app is simple! Used these for one cycle and just found out I’m pregnant!

Sarah P

Predict LH Tests. This is one of the best LH test I have ever took. This tested helped me understand my ovulation days so much better. It also helped me understand my cycle

Glenna J

Predict LH Tests. Proov predict was easy to understand and one of the best LH tests I have took. Proov predict helped me find my ovulation dates.

Glenna J

Predict LH Tests. These are super affordable compared to other ovulation tests, plus, they’re more accurate.


Frequently asked

What is LH and why should I measure it?

Tracking LH (luteinizing hormone) levels during the first half of your cycle can help you detect an LH surge, which indicates you’ve reached your two most fertile days (also called “peak fertility”). This is the time to “try!” During the first half of your cycle — the “follicular phase” — your follicles mature in preparation for ovulation. When the time is right, your brain sends a surge of LH (luteinizing hormone) to trigger the mature follicle to release an egg. Ovulation typically occurs about 12-48 hours after an LH surge.

If I have an LH surge, can I be sure I ovulated as expected?

LH tests are often called “ovulation tests,” but contrary to their name, they do not confirm whether or not you’ve ovulated; they only detect the luteinizing hormone surge that typically precedes ovulation. Proov recommend using Proov Confirm PdG tests alongside your Predict tests so you can confirm whether or not ovulation was successful to allow for a higher possible chance at pregnancy.

Do I need to use first morning urine with Proov Predict?

No — you may use Proov Predict at any time of day. The Proov Insight app will prompt you to test two times per day during the LH testing phase. Many women find it convenient to test LH levels mid-morning and again later in the evening, but the choice is ultimately yours.

How long after a positive LH test are you fertile?

A positive LH test identifies your 2 most fertile days. However, since sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for up to 5 days, you can actually be fertile for longer than 2 days. If you have been trying to conceive without success, Proov recommend trying Proov Complete to identify your full fertile window and maximise your chances at getting pregnant.

What level of LH predicts ovulation?

Clinical studies show that an LH level of 25 mIU/ml is best predictive of ovulation. This is the level at which Proov Predict LH tests turn positive!

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