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twoplus fertility Sperm Guide

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The Sperm Guide was designed with your conception journey in mind and retains the intimacy of lovemaking.

The twoplus Sperm Guide is the do-it-all conception kit you didn’t know you needed. It helps reduce semen leakage post-sex and maintains skin-to-skin contact during lovemaking.

Each sperm guide can be used for up to 4 times, and is intended for 1 cycle. The kit includes 3 sperm guides, allowing couples to use them throughout a span of 3 cycles

Quantity: 3 twoplus sperm guides


    Why you need it:

    • The Sperm Guide helps minimise semen backflow, enhancing the chances of successful conception by keeping sperm closer to the cervix.
    • For those who prefer skin-to-skin contact during intercourse, the Sperm Guide facilitates a more intimate experience while still offering conception support.
    • If you're seeking an extra boost to aid conception by retaining sperm effectively during intercourse, the Sperm Guide is designed for this purpose.

    Why we love it:

    • We love the Sperm Guide for its potential to make sex more pleasurable for couples, contributing to an enjoyable and intimate experience.
    • The Sperm Guide's design, accommodating all body shapes and sizes, resonates with our appreciation for inclusive and thoughtful product development.
    • Crafted from medical-grade silicone, the Sperm Guide prioritises quality and safety, earning our admiration for its use of materials that meet high standards.

    What is it (and why):

    • The Sperm Guide is a specialised device designed to aid conception by minimising semen backflow and maintaining an optimal environment for sperm.
    • Created with inclusivity in mind, catering to various body shapes and sizes, making it an innovative and inclusive solution for couples.
    • The soft and bendable nature of the silicone reflects a thoughtful material selection, enhancing the overall user experience and comfort during use.

    *User experience may vary with the Sperm Guide.

    how to use



    • Lubricate the vaginal opening and/or the Sperm Guide.
    • Push the flap down and pinch the sides inward to form a U-shape.
    • Insert the Sperm Guide while lying down flat with your belly up (read: in missionary position) — get your partner’s help if needed!


    During procreative sex, ensure that the penis slides over the Sperm Guide’s flap.

    The tail of the Sperm Guide should remain outside of the body throughout intercourse. To ensure comfort for you and your partner, add more lube if needed.

    Keeping it in

    After intercourse, keep the Sperm Guide in the vagina for up to an hour to minimise semen leakage. In fact, you’re free to go about your day with it plugged in!


    After an hour, gently pull on the tail of the Sperm Guide, while lying down, to remove it from the vagina. Lubricate where necessary.



    • 3 x Sperm Guides
    • 1 set of instructions
    • 1 Conceive plus fertility lubricant  


    Created from medical-grade silicone with smooth edges all over, the Sperm Guide is soft and extremely bendable. It’s specially designed for all body shapes and sizes.

    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    twoplus fertility Sperm Guide
    • Optimise your fertile window

    • No awkward leg raises post-sex

    • Physical closeness during sex

    • Make your vaginal pH work for you

    When I saw the Sperm guide, it was quite small and didn't look very threatening. My husband and I decided to give the device a try and found success! We now have a healthy baby after using the twoplus fertility Sperm Guide thrice.


    Quite easy to use!

    The first try was the hardest, recommend to really use more fertility lubricant to help with guiding it in. After getting it the first time, you'll learn to appreciate it!



    Used it for the first time (2 uses during my ovulation period) and we’ve successfully conceived. Didn’t try for long (3 months to be exact) but I was getting impatient and felt that using a sperm guide can hasten the process and it did! It was also simple and foolproof to use. However my husband felt that it was slightly less comfortable compared to not using anything


    Innovative and useful invention!

    We have been trying to conceive for the past five months and decided to give the Sperm Cup a try. We used it twice in one cycle (July) and we're now pregnant (Aug)! Really worth giving it a try, no harm doing so. Good luck to all out there!

    M S

    It works the first try!

    Got recommended this by my TCM, and believe it or not, we got pregnant straight away after the TM first try! After 9 months of trying! I got diagnosed with low ovarian reserve so we thought we may need to do IVF, so it was indeed a great surprise! Thanks and highly recommend!


    Frequently asked

    How does the Sperm Guide work?

    The Sperm Guide is an at-home conception kit that’s designed to minimise sperm leakage post-sex. Insert the Sperm Guide into the vagina and have the penis glide over it during intercourse.

    As the conception kit sits in the lower vaginal tract, it helps protect ejaculated semen from the surrounding low-pH environment that’s harmful to sperm. Plus, it helps retain semen closer to the cervix, where the former can directly interact with the cervical mucus. This creates a highway for sperm to reach the egg and potentially increase your chances of conceiving.

    Is the Sperm Guide safe to use?

    Absolutely! The Sperm Guide is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and has been tested for human sperm survival and biocompatibility. As long as you follow the included instructions, it will fit inside you comfortably and securely.

    If you’re using it for the first time, don’t worry. It’s just like using a menstrual cup.

    Is the Sperm Guide reusable?

    It is — and up to four times at that! That’s perfect for 1 cycle, so ordering a 3-pack in one go covers you for several cycles. Be sure to follow the included instructions for cleaning and storing your Sperm Guide correctly.

    Note: Do not use cleaning agents and personal hygiene products like laundry detergents and feminine washes to clean the Sperm Guide. Instead, sanitise the conception kit in a rolling boil as per the instructions provided.

    Will the Sperm Guide get in the way of sexual intercourse?

    Not at all. The flap of the Sperm Guide is smooth and flexible. This allows the penis to easily glide over it during penetration without friction or discomfort.

    When's the best time to use the Sperm Guide?

    When you get the first hint that you’re ovulating, start using this product during your nightly ritual. Additionally, use it multiple times during your fertile window (only 5-6 days!).

    What is the fertile window?

    The fertile window is the short span of time — roughly 5-6 days — in which you’re more likely to get pregnant during your cycle.

    The fertile window also includes ovulation, a one-day event in which a mature egg is released from the ovary and ready for fertilisation. In an ideal situation, sperm should already be in the right place to fertilise the egg.

    How do I know if the Sperm Guide is in the right place?

    You’ll know the Sperm Guide is in the right place when it’s inserted vessel-first into the vaginal tract with the tail remaining outside and pointing away from your body. 

    Sometimes, there might be some fluid leaking out of the vagina after sex. This could be excess semen or other bodily fluids. However, rest assured that the Sperm Guide is doing its job in bringing more sperm closer to the cervical region.

    How long do I have to keep the Sperm Guide in me for?

    twoplus strongly recommend keeping the Sperm Guide inside you for up to 1 hour. This helps to extend the window of opportunity for the sperm to meet the egg. The results just might be worth the wait!

    Will the Sperm Guide fit inside me?

    The Sperm Guide is ideal for people of all body shapes as it’s similar to the size of a menstrual cup.

    Customers who have tried the Sperm Guide happily reported that it stays comfortably and securely inside the vagina during and after sex.

    Will the Sperm Guide get lost inside me?

    The Sperm Guide is meticulously engineered to have the perfect size for conception without getting lost inside the human body.

    Thanks to its tail that remains outside of the body throughout intercourse, the Sperm Guide can be removed with ease and never be out of your reach — even if it slides inward during intercourse.

    What should I expect when I use the Sperm Guide for the first time?

    Using the Sperm Guide for the first time might take some getting used to, but practice makes perfect! You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

    In fact, many couples have learnt to enjoy using the Sperm Guide. Some people even experienced greater sexual pleasure* with it!

    For maximum comfort, use the Sperm Guide in the missionary position.

    *User experience may vary with the Sperm Guide.

    Can I use the Sperm Guide If I have an underlying fertility related health condition?

    If you experience any fertility-related health condition like endometriosis or erectile dysfunction, do consult your primary doctor before deciding whether you should use the Sperm Guide or not.

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