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twoplus fertility Applicator

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twoplus Fertility’s Applicator is designed specifically for at-home intravaginal insemination (IVI). Self-inseminate in full privacy & comfort, and say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of having sex on a schedule. Swiftly deposit sperms in the right place to aid their chances of survival.


    Why you need it:

    • The twoplus Fertility Applicator is designed for couples aiming to conceive without penetrative sex, providing a convenient and effective way to deposit sperm directly to the targeted area, optimising the chances of fertilisation.
    • Tested to be sperm-friendly, the Applicator ensures a safe and comfortable environment for sperm transfer, minimising any potential harm and creating a user-friendly experience.
    • The rounded barrel ensures >90% of semen leaves the syringe, making it a reliable tool for maximising semen transfer.

    Why we love it:

    • The Applicator's rounded tip and sperm-friendly design showcase our appreciation for its efficiency in maximising semen transfer. The Applicator have been designed with the users comfort in mind and allows couples to conceive in an effortless way.
    • The combination of features, such as direct semen deposit and minimised volume loss, contributes to the Applicator's overall efficacy and potential for increased success in conception, making it a standout tool for couples. It also saves you time because it only requires less than 15 minutes to inseminate.
    • The Applicator's dedicated design for at-home insemination reflects our love for products that empower users to take control of their conception journey in the comfort and privacy of their homes. It separates having sex-for-conception from sex-for-pleasure, hence reducing the stress with trying to conceive.

    What is it (and why):

    • The twoplus Fertility Applicator is a one-time use device crafted to bring in vitro insemination (IVI) to the convenience and privacy of one's home. It serves as a specialised aid for couples trying to conceive without penetrative sex, providing a targeted and optimised approach to fertilisation
    • The Applicator's primary function is to deposit sperm directly to the desired location, enhancing the chances of successful fertilisation. This direct deposit also helps sperm bypass the acidic environment of the lower vaginal tract, potentially increasing efficacy.

    how to use


    Here’s how you can easily inject a new lease of life with the Applicator. A few seconds is all you need.

    Step 1

    Set The Stage

    Deposit semen into the collection cup.

    Step 2

    Draw Semen Into Applicator

    Tilt the collection cup at an angle before placing the Applicator in. Then, pull the plunger to withdraw the semen.

    Step 3

    Self-Inseminate Away

    Get into a sit-up position or lie on your back. Then, insert the Applicator into your vagina and press the plunger

    In the unlikely event that you experience pain, discomfort, or irritation during the insemination process, we highly recommend you to stop immediately and consult your primary care physician or gynaecologist.



    1 Cycle pack includes:

    • 3x Applicators
    • 3x semen collection cups
    • 1x instructional manual
    twoplus fertility Applicator
    twoplus fertility Applicator
    twoplus fertility Applicator
    twoplus fertility Applicator
    • Comfortable & hygienic

    • Reduce immediate loss

    • Discreet packaging


    This applicator was a godsend for us, after 4 months of unsuccessful conception and disappointments, we decided to try this without any expectations. We timed the usage to the correct day of ovulation cycle and little did we know that this will unlock the world of happiness for us. We had successful pregnancy on the same month and now our baby boy is 3 months old. I recommend this product to those who are trying to get pregnant and I hope this helps you as well. Thank you twoplus fertility.


    Very easy to use thank you.



    Great works really well, really easy to use- it takes the stress away. Don't know if its worked yet, but fingers crossed.



    My husband and I decided to try this home insemination kit because both of us are feeling the pressure of having to do it on a specific schedule during my ovulation date. It was getting to my both of us and we just felt like it became a chore to do than enjoying it. We finished one box and on the 2nd box we started with the first kit and I got pregnant! Currently 14 weeks 😁😁


    Frequently asked

    Can I resuse any or all items in the twoplus fertility applicator kit?

    The sperm syringes and semen collection cup are all single-use items

    Reusing any of the items may lead to an infection. Re-sanitising or sterilising them also compromises their structural integrity.

    Once self-insemination is completed, do dispose of the syringe and collection cup.

    Is the twoplus fertility applicator suitable for me?

    If you’re experiencing painful sex or simply prefer the convenience of self-insemination, this vaginal applicator fits your needs to a T. It was designed to meet twoplus exacting standards and has undergone rigorous research and testing.

    The Applicator also allows you to deposit sperm right at the right place, which may just help you get the outcome you want.

    When should I use this self insemination kit?

    Ideally, the twoplus Fertility Applicator should be used when you are most fertile. In short, it would be the final days leading up to ovulation during your menstrual cycle.

    Why do I see air bubbles in the applicator?

    If you’re seeing these as you’re drawing semen from the collection cup, don’t worry. This won’t affect the self-insemination process at all! Additionally, do not press the plunger to remove any air bubbles as this will cause semen to leak out. Time is of the essence, so you’ll need to work swiftly and move on to depositing sperm in the vagina.

    Does the twoplus fertility applicator have an expiry date?

    Yes, this at-home intravaginal insemination kit has a shelf life of two years. If your Applicator has expired, please dispose of it and purchase a new one. To prevent this from happening, order an Applicator only when you and your partner plan to use it in the near future.

    Will I feel any pain when i'm performing an at-home intravaginal insemination?

    The twoplus Fertility Applicator was designed for couples to perform at-home intravaginal insemination comfortably and in full privacy. The Applicator’s syringe has been carefully designed to maximise comfort. You should not feel any aches or pains while using this IVI kit at home. To prevent this from occurring, please read the Applicator’s instructions.

    In the unlikely event that you experience pain, discomfort, or irritation during the insemination process, twoplus highly recommend you to stop immediately and consult your primary care physician or gynaecologist.

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