femme: What specific experiences led you to specialise in inner dialogue and self-care, and how has your journey uniquely qualified you as an expert in this essential aspect of wellbeing?

I qualified as a coach with the European Mentoring Coaching Council in 2016 and form part of the UKs Association of Executive Coaches.  With a background in culture and human behaviours, I connected with my purpose, focusing on Life Coaching when I experienced a difficult life transition in my early thirties.

I have lived experience of dealing with mental health challenges – specifically eating disorders and OCD.  My natural ‘be perfect’ driver has caused me many moments of distress and has negatively impacted on my own quality of life (and I’m certain, others’ too).  

I am fortunate to be able to help others who may be experiencing difficulties in relation to their self-narrative and inner dialogue. Working with wonderful women and supporting them to be at their best is a privilege.

femme: Could you share the core purpose or driving force behind your career in promoting inner dialogue and self-care, and how do these align with your personal values and aspirations?

There is nothing, nothing, more powerful than our minds.  Our inner game, self narrative, and voice, I believe, can make or break us.  

Many of us live in a world where we are constantly comparing, constantly being told ‘who we should be’ ‘how we should behave’ ‘what we should look like’ and let’s be real – it is exhausting.  Life is tough enough already.  

I aspire to support others to be at their best and thrive in the life conditions and resources that they have available to them.  Building healthy inner dialogue supports our thoughts, habits and behaviours to build better harmony between what we may think about ourselves, say to ourselves, how we look after ourselves and fundamentally how our mindset can inform our identity.

  • femme: What inspired your decision to partner with femme health, and in what ways do you envision this collaboration positively impacting women's inner well-being and self-care practices?

femme health ‘spoke’ to me from day one.  The ethos of this brand and community is all about giving voice to women.  Acknowledging and discussing those really difficult, awkward, curious, beautiful, sad, vulnerable and celebratory moments in a woman’s life that we all face.  It unites, it educates and it celebrates us.  My decision to partner with femme health is because this fits with my own personal identity and as The Sonder Coach, I hope that my content and lens can add value to the Femme community by offering a holistic consideration to specific topics of interest and make a positive contribution!

To find out more about Anna or book her services, visit her page at Sonder Coach.