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I placed an order in January and quickly received my goods, packaged with care. I’m feeling the benefits from my supplements already and will be reordering again soon. Thanks Femme!

Emma Ward

Ordered quite a few times from femme now and I cannot be happier with the great and swift service and communication. And never seen anywhere such a comprehensive and hand-picked range of products for women health, it's just amazing and thank you for existing, femme health!

Anda Chiriac

Great service from femme health I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia post menopause and have purchased the Vitamin D3 Oral Spray as part of my treatment , its so easy to use , no big pills to swallow and keeping it in my bag its always there so I don't forget to take . Really good efficient delivery and pricing from femme , thank you

Fiona Jacobs

Plan Your Baby

Plan Your Baby are offering for all femme health customers, the opportunity to have a 30 minute Fertility consultation with our Medical Director and Fertility expert, Dr Sami Almusawa.

£125 consultation includes:

A full medical history review where you will be advised of the best treatment options moving forward.

Digital prescription for necessary medications.

A free complimentary 15 min follow up consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced Fertility Nurse Specialists who will be able to assist you further should you have any questions post consultation with Dr Sami Almusawa.

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Outspoken Podcast by femme health

  • Outspoken by femme health

  • Episode 7 - ft. Jenny Wordsworth (OVUM)

  • Episode 6 - ft. Dr Larisa Corda

  • Episode 5 - ft. Leila Martyn (MyOva)

  • Episode 4 - ft. Gordon Lott (Dr Vegan)

  • Episode 3 - ft.The Fertility Foundation

Welcome to Outspoken, the podcast where the founders, Stef Meachin, Sarah Barnes, and Laura Cartwright delve into the realms of fertility, sex, motherhood and more through the eyes of everyday women.

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In this enlightening episode of Outspoken by femme health, co-founder Sarah Barnes engages in a compelling conversation with Jenny Wordsworth, the innovative mind behind OVUM, a pioneering fertility brand.

With a generous commitment to donate 20% of its profits to fertility research, Ovum stands out as a beacon of hope and progress in the fertility landscape.

Join us as we explore "Unstopabble: Conquering Frost to Fertility with Ovum's Jenny".

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In this riveting episode of Outspoken by femme health, we dive deep with Dr. Larisa Corda, the visionary behind "The Conception Plan: The science-backed guide to fertility and becoming a parent." Titled "Epigenetics and Empowerment: Dr. Larisa Corda's Fertility Philosophy," this conversation, steered by Laura Cartwright, peels back the layers of traditional fertility narratives, introducing listeners to a groundbreaking blend of science and spirituality.

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In this deeply personal and inspiring episode of our health and wellness series, we're honored to have the founder of MyOva, Leila Martym share her heart-wrenching yet hopeful journey from a PCOS diagnosis and recurrent miscarriages to the birth of her miracle babies and the founding of her company.

Hosted by our founder, Stefanie Meachin, this episode, titled "Miscarriages, Metabolism and Myo-Inostil - With Leila Martyn" delves into the challenges and breakthroughs of Leila's journey to motherhood and entrepreneurship.

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In this enlightening episode of our health and wellness series, we're thrilled to welcome Gordon Lott, the visionary founder behind the acclaimed Dr Vegan health supplements, as he engages in a riveting conversation with Laura Cartwright and Stefanie Meachin, two of the founders of femme health store, the UK's premier online destination for fertility and conception products. Titled "Clean Supplements, Dr Vegan's Values and Women's Health in 2024 - With Gordon Lott from Dr Vegan," this discussion delves deep into the heart of clean supplements, the nuanced costs of ingredients, and the ethical considerations that have shaped Dr Vegan's commitment to prioritising quality over profit margins.

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Join Stef and Laura as they explore the mission and impact of The Fertility Foundation with their special guest, Tone. This episode delves into the foundation's origins and dedication to providing equitable access to IVF treatments.

Learn about the realities of the postcode lottery, the process of applying for grants, and how the foundation's charity shops play a crucial role in funding their efforts.

Discover the success stories that highlight the foundation's positive influence and find out how you can get involved or seek support. Tune in for an informative discussion on the future projects and goals of The Fertility Foundation.

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