femme Health is head over heels for Perifit, and for good reason! Picture this: a revolutionary brand committed to transforming how society addresses pelvic-floor disorders. With empathy as its compass, Perifit embarked on a quest to obliterate unnecessary suffering among women, recognising it as a puzzle worth cracking. What emerged? A dazzling fusion of app wizardry and cutting-edge exercisers, created hand in hand with top-notch experts in pelvic health. This ingenious marvel seamlessly merges state-of-the-art technology with a treasure trove of women's wellness wisdom, making kegel exercises a modern, interactive affair.

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Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

At the heart of Perifit's journey lies the commitment to redefine how we as a society approach the treatment of pelvic-floor disorders. Rooted in empathy – towards the needless suffering of women – we knew that this was a problem worth solving, and that by doing so we could improve the lives of millions of women worldwide. Perifit pioneered a revolutionary solution for pelvic healing and strength training. Part app, part exerciser, Developed with world-leading experts in pelvic floor improvement Perifit brings together advanced technology with a wealth of research in women's health & wellness in a safe and interactive way to engage in modern kegel exercises. And we'll continue to work with everyone in the Perifit community to improve, as we aim to solve many more problems with innovation.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    At Perifit, we create innovative products that improve the lives and well-being of women. As global leaders in FemmeTech we solve problems such as pelvic floor disorders & breastfeeding – empowering women and improving quality of life, confidence, wellness and relationships.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Perifit is recognised as the #1 Most Highly-rated product of its kind – we have an exceptional global community of users who we work with to improve and develop, and it's growing each day.

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

    We've released Perifit Pump – Wireless and completely hands-free, liberating women from the nightmare of conventional methods. It's discreet, wearable, and is designed to be used whenever and wherever you are. And after that, we'll improve it and solve more problems that help women.

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I honestly never thought doing kegels could be fun. I hated it so much I was always skipping it. But the fact that Perifit made it pretty cool and fun with games…amazing idea!! I do it almost every day now, and I can see a difference in my incontinence after few weeks of use. Thank you!!


Great product, both the application and the device works great. It helps me keep on exercising.
Also the policy about receiving new device if the old one stops working stands, they've sent me new one without any problem.
Thank you!


My Perifit still seemed to be working but not as it was supposed to. After several attempts to fix the problem, they sent me a new one instead. Very good customer service.

Joyce Snackers

Due to health-related stress disorders in my pelvic floor, I found out about the treatment options and decided in favour of the Perifit.
The games are fun and the regular training can be easily integrated into everyday life without having to travel anywhere for training or similar.
I think it's good that games are only unlocked bit by bit. I would like to be able to choose more when I want to play something.

K. Judtka

This product has helped me enormously (I'm 66 with a slight prolapse). I've been seeing a great pelvic floor physio but this device has really helped me fine tune the strength of my kegel exercises (I had previously felt I always needed to go as strong as possible and this caused discomfort as well as not being effective). The Perifit is approved by my physio. Doing the exercises with the Perifit 'games' each day gives much better feedback than when I was doing kegels by myself. I feel so much more relaxed now (which also helps) and confident that I am getting stronger. It has made a huge difference to me (the stress in feeling I couldn't hold on and the urge incontinence at times was awful ). The thing is, you can return it within 100 days if you really don't get on with it and the support and back up is amazing. I hadn't realised I should have checked with my physio first because I have a prolapse and the Perifit team was happy to accept it back if I didn't get the go ahead. My physio says they're great and having the prolapse is not a problem.

Karen Ferguson