femme health loves Period Harmony! Their story is an inspiring blend of creativity and medical expertise, sparked by a genuine need for better solutions in women's health. It's incredible how they spotted the gaps in menstrual care, especially regarding pain management, and turned that insight into the revolutionary Period Harmony Patch. But beyond products, it's their mission that truly shines—being a beacon for women's health awareness and trust. Their adorable Uterus mascot, 'Uri,' isn't just charming; it's breaking taboos and educating millions on TikTok about everything from periods to conditions like PCOS and endometriosis.

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Can you tell us about your brand's incredible background and story?

Period harmony was set up by myself, a creative, and my co-founder, an NHS doctor. Women’s health is severely overlooked, whether it’s knowing the symptoms for endometriosis to simply learning about the menstrual cycle. This is something my co-founder noticed while he’d work in hospitals, especially when it comes to menstrual pain. I had the copper IUD at the time, a non hormonal contraceptive device which as a side effect makes periods notably more painful for some women (myself included).
So I was actively looking to find something to help and I couldn’t find products that I could trust or find convenient and easy to use. A hot water bottle is fine if you’re lying in bed, but what about when you’re working, or on your feet all day? What if I don’t want to take over the counter painkillers? This is when I approached my brother, a doctor, (who’s now also my co-founder) about this and we worked together to create the Period Harmony Patch, the patch that delivers up to 12 hours of holistic comfort on your period.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    We want to innovate within Women’s Health and raise awareness within an unfortunately overlooked sector. Our motivation is to be a brand that people can identify with when they think of Women’s Health and a brand that Women can trust. Women’s Health is extremely important, we not only innovate within women’s health to create products that put convenience first, but Period Harmony’s Uterus mascot actively educates our audience about all things related to the uterus. From de-stigmatising periods to PCOS and endometriosis, ‘Uri’ has grown our account to 1.3 million followers on TikTok, putting women’s health in the spotlight, in a light hearted way.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Our patches are specifically designed to contour to your body to be comfortable and last all day even whilst on the move. The formula for these patches was selected after a significant amount of research within scientific literature to provide a long lasting holistic soothing feeling that makes your cycle easier.

    What truly sets Period Harmony apart as a Women’s Health brand is how it engages all menstruators regardless of age in a funny and educational way. We want to be recognisable as a company that empathises with menstruators and raises awareness of issues that are often overlooked.

How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

Period Harmony is embarking on a forward-thinking journey to further its impact in menstrual health. Our roadmap entails broadening our product line, enhancing our innovative patch technology, and expanding educational initiatives. We aim to develop new products while refining our existing offerings to ensure we address a wide spectrum of menstrual health needs. Further products that will be arriving soon include wipeable period harmony pouches that store period care products in a safer way. We’re also in the process of developing a range of well thought period care products for menstrual cups and our very own re-designed menstrual pads. Education remains a cornerstone of our brand; hence, we will amplify our efforts to educate and engage the community on menstrual health matters. By fostering partnerships and listening to our community, we aspire to continually evolve in alignment with the needs and well-being of individuals experiencing menstruation, thereby solidifying our position as a compassionate and innovative leader in menstrual health.

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I really didn’t think it’d work but it did! I love the tingling sensation and find these really handy for when I’m mobile/travelling or on hot days when I don’t want to wear/carry a hot water bottle with me. It’s nice to find a natural alternative to medication. I didn’t find it as effective for intense cramping days, but it covers day one cramps for example. My only wish is that the strip came in more colours to reflect the diversity of their customers’ skin tones.


Handy Pain soother

Really useful alternative to medication. I found using these in the day really helped and they did soothe my pain. I have ordered more and will continue to use them going forward.

Mrs Witt

These were great and not completely alleviating pain but reducing the pain and the need for many painkillers. It did burn on my tummy so I put it on my lower back and that was much better!

Sumayya Dawjee

I get really really bad pins during my cycle and these were amazing. Took my pain away in minutes. No medicine needed, just the patches. I even gave some to friends and they loved them.

I will need to restock and will be subscribing monthly. The product is amazing.

Thank you!!!

Rafia Ahmed

Helps ease the pain

Fast shipping and made my period pain much more bearable. Also I’m obsessed with the menthol aroma :)

Harriet Kamara