femme health is absolutely smitten with Secret Saviours! Their story is a testament to innovation and dedication to supporting women through the incredible journey of pregnancy. Founded by a team of experts driven by the need to prevent stretch marks, they pioneered the Derma Dot™ Intelligent Skin Support—a ground-breaking textile technology that gently supports the skin as it stretches, preventing the formation of stretch marks. With Sophie Hooper's personal experience and determination to save women from stretch marks, Secret Saviours was born, offering women a real choice in combating stretch marks. Their mission to empower women's bodies during pregnancy is truly commendable, providing not just support but prevention. What sets them apart is their focus on targeting the root cause of stretch marks, unlike other products that merely moisturise the skin. The clinically proven 3-step system prevents stretch marks in 82% of women, showcasing their commitment to tangible results.

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Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Secret Saviours was invented by a vascular surgeon and skin tissue engineer at University College Hospital London. Determined to find a way to prevent skin tearing as it stretches they embarked on years of work, researching how stretch marks form and finding a way to stop them. Realising that creams and oils can only soften the skin, not prevent it from tearing, they set about inventing a mechanical support for skin as it stretches. Derma Dot™ Intelligent Skin Support was born! A revolution in textile technology, these clever Derma Dot pads are printed onto fabric and gently grip the skin, dissipating pressure as it stretches, whilst blocking the path of stretch marks as they try to tear downwards.
Health and beauty expert Sophie Hooper, having suffered from stretch marks in both of her pregnancies, jumped at the chance to bring this clever invention to market. She made it her personal mission to save as many women as possible from stretch marks! Following hugely successful clinical trials Secret Saviours was born – and now proudly claims to be the first product on the market that gives women a real choice about whether to fight stretch marks or not. Trusted by medical experts, endorsed by dermatologists, and loved by mothers Secret Saviours is a brand focussed on comforting and supporting mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy journey.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    Women’s bodies are incredible. They alter, adapt, and adjust continuously through every stage of their lives, particularly when their bodies are being pushed to the limits by carrying a child. Secret Saviours is here to help women’s bodies do their thing as they prepare to bring a baby into this world. Using our incredible Derma-dot technology we are here to stop the formation of stretch marks - to help women maintain a little bit of themselves as everything begins to transform around them. We are here to flex with women as their body changes and to keep them moving. We are here to keep their bumps feeling supported, enhance their natural shape but also do the incredible work of stopping stretchmarks before they even get started. Giving mums-to-be a little more control, comfort, and support over their body when it matters the most. And keeping their skin as they remember it. With clinically proven technology and caring formulas.
    We are more than just supportwear, we are preventionwear. We are life-changing wear, for when your life is changing.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Stretch marks are scars that develop when skin stretches rapidly causing collagen and elastin, which support the skin, to rupture.
    Secret Saviours is the only brand that targets the root cause of stretch marks. Other products - namely creams, gels and oils - moisturise the skin but this cannot prevent it tearing. Secret Saviours next-generation textile technology consists of clever tacky pads printed onto snuggly fitting shapewear. These clever pads gently hold the skin in place, dispersing the pressure as the skin stretches, whilst blocking the path of stretch marks as they try to rip downwards through the dermis. Accompanied by a Day Gel, which plays the essential role of helping the pads grip the skin, and a Night Cream, to hydrate the skin before bed, our clinically proven 3-step system prevents stretch marks in 82% of women.

How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

Secret Saviours has just expanded its range so now mums-to-be can prevent stretch marks on their thighs, bottom and breasts as well as their pregnancy bump. Prevention wear now comes in leggings, full-briefs, shorties, bump bands, and bras. The brand is all about championing the unbelievable abilities of the female body and future plans will focus on ways we can help women celebrate their bodies inside and out!

The customer service is amazing. An an anxious pregnant person I was so amazed at how considerate the staff are and can't wait to live in my purchase :) once this is a more known product it will be huge!


I used the Secret Saviours gels and band every day during my first pregnancy and did not get a single stretch mark. As my bump got bigger, I also enjoyed the feeling of support that comes from wearing the band. I am now pregnant for the second time and using SS again. I have also had some recent contact with Customer Service and they have been excellent.


OMG - What a great product!! I was so scared about getting stretch marks at they run in my family and my mother and sisters had them very badly. I came across Secret Saviours and I’m so thrilled to say, I’m stretch mark free! I’m certain it is down to the clever technology used in the bands and the creams and gels kept me super moisturised at all times. If you’re thinking about getting a kit, DO IT! I am telling everyone and anyone about this product.

Kate Edwards

A product that actually works
It worked!! Not a single stretch mark. I’ve recommended this product to all of my pregnant friends, so pleased my skin isn’t scarred with stretch marks. I still use the creams postpartum and they’re very nourishing. Good quality product - expensive but worth the investment in my opinion.


Love Secret Saviours! Really happy with this system - these gels along with the band have been amazing. I’ve used this system in both of my pregnancies and didn't get one stretch mark. I used it religiously both times as I got quite a few stretch marks from my teenage years so felt I probably would have got more during pregnancy. Very happy that I didn't and put it down to this!!