femme health admires TensCare for its holistic approach to wellness and commitment to excellence. TensCare goes beyond traditional product offerings by prioritising collaboration and making a positive impact on global communities. femme health values TensCare's dedication to improving lives and enhancing quality of life, reflecting its own mission to empower individuals. TensCare's comprehensive range of drug-free therapeutic devices caters to various health concerns across all ages, aligning perfectly with Femme Health's focus on holistic well-being. The brand's Employee Owned structure ensures a stakeholder-driven approach, emphasising customer satisfaction and understanding. Read o to learn more about Tens Care.

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  • Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

    TensCare is a renowned player in the healthcare industry, distinguished by its commitment to excellence and innovation. Established over 30 years ago, TensCare has built a legacy of providing high-quality, drug-free therapeutic devices to address a wide range of ailments and well-being concerns. In 2017, TensCare transitioned to an Employee Owned structure, reinforcing its dedication to its employees and customers alike.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    Our mission is to help people feel better naturally.

    The mission of TensCare extends beyond mere product offerings. TensCare is driven by the belief in the power of collaboration and the ability to make a positive impact on communities worldwide. Through dedication to improving lives and enhancing quality of life, TensCare strives to create ripples of change that extend far beyond its immediate sphere of influence.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Firstly, TensCare's commitment to excellence is evident in its comprehensive range of drug-free therapeutic devices, targeting specific ailments and well-being concerns across all ages. Secondly, TensCare's Employee Owned structure fosters a deep commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs, ensuring a stakeholder-driven approach to business. Lastly, TensCare's cutting-edge product portfolio consistently exceeds user expectations, setting new standards in the industry. With ISO 13485 accreditation and product registrations with reputable health regulatory bodies worldwide, TensCare ensures the safety and effectiveness of its products, exceeding global medical and consumer health standards.

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

    TensCare plans to continue its trajectory of growth by expanding its product portfolio and reaching new markets. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, TensCare aims to develop advanced therapeutic devices that address emerging health concerns and cater to evolving consumer needs. Additionally, TensCare will leverage its strong reputation, partnerships, and global presence to further establish itself as a leader in the healthcare industry.

I love this product!! I can't imagine day to day life without it now!!It comes with a little carry case which everything (apart from plug) to help get you started on a pain free day. The charge holds and does charge from dead to 40 mins!!Only issue is working out where to place the pads to get a pain free day. After a few trail areas you'll find exactly where they need to be and clipping the compact device. If you have a job that requires a lot of bending then on your knickers on your hip. It stops the wire from disconnecting from the device itself.The manual inside does give you a rough idea of where to put the pads. It also does recommendation settings too!!I'm so glad I have got this device!! I where it all day and I feel no pain!! To begin with was working out where best to place the pads and took the device but now it's a breeze!! I just stick on, power up and go!!I definitely recommend this product for anyone that suffers!!

Tens Care customer

I bought this for my wife who I hated to see suffer every month, she was dubious at first but now claims it is the best thing I’ve ever done for her. It’s instant pain relief without the need for pain killers. Thank you, I am well and truly in the good books.

Tens Care customer