Having previously worked as a senior fertility counsellor, Tracey now focuses on providing independent counselling for individuals and couples around all fertility issues, at all stages of the fertility journey. Although Tracey didn't originally intend to become a fertility counsellor, her own fertility journey inspired a desire to help others.

femme: "What specific experiences or moments led you to specialise in fertility, and how has your unique journey shaped your expertise in this field?"

My own fertility journey ended with finding contentment that I'd done enough, I had tested everything testable and taken every supplement possible; my counselling training reinforced my journey was all about me, but a passion for empowerment and being naturally curious about the advancements in assisted conception prompted me to specialise in Fertility Counselling. Prior to training as a counsellor I worked with the two national fertility charities, now Fertility Network UK, running their London support groups and going on to set up and manage their online communities twenty years ago. I have been privileged to support many thousands of women and lead counselling teams at some of the top clinics, working with exceptional teams and professional organisations. 

femme: As a fertility expert, could you elaborate on the core purpose or driving force behind your career, and how do these align with your personal values and aspirations?

I am motivated by a commitment to provide ethical and compassionate care to my clients; whilst I have a strong desire to assist people in overcoming fertility challenges, I also support people who embrace alternative nurturing pathways, and in exploring other psychological aspects of their sexual and relationship health. I aim to make a meaningful impact to those I work with within my practice, and with other fertility professionals, collaborating with research, facilitating training and writing articles and books. 

femme: What factors influenced your decision to partner with femme health, and how do you foresee this collaboration positively impacting the wellbeing of women navigating fertility challenges?

femme health understands the needs of women in their fertile years, women who want to be the best version of themselves, women who aspire to live their best life, who have a fulfilling sex life, who embrace periods with a range of products whilst also optimising conception whether natural or with assistance when the time is right.  The range provided by femme health supports women from their first period and beyond, a trusted friend for life and provides information, resources and a supportive community so no woman need ever feel isolated or alone on a fertility journey.  Having the right support, at the right time promotes women thriving in their optimal state of well-being and fulfilment. 

To find out more about Tracey or book her services, visit her page at Fertility Counselling.