femme loves the brand Jude because it's on a mission to revolutionise bladder care. By conducting clinical trials and developing science-backed treatments and prevention methods, Jude is breaking taboos and bringing bladder health into the mainstream. With a goal to empower the 2.3 billion people worldwide affected by bladder issues, Jude is committed to helping individuals live a life free of limitations and worries about toilet concerns. Take a look to find more out about Jude.

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  • Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

    Hi I'm Peony Jude's founder. In 2020 the idea of Jude emerged. I distributed six million pieces of Personal Protective Equipment to frontline workers, during the pandemic. From this, I got the privilege to work with business owners in their 50s and 60s. I was incredibly inspired by their confidence, knowledge and their attitudes . That made me  believe in the virtues of ageing. This journey of discovery led me to learn about the biggest limitation of ageing - poor health and Bladder issues, specifically, sufferers are embarrassed to talk about their symptoms and are made to believe they are old.  I just couldn’t quite believe the solutions for bladder care hasn’t changed one single bit.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    I set out a mission to bring bladder care into the mainstream. Through clinical trials, I’m proud to bring to the modern world a set of science-backed and taboo breaking treatments and prevention, to enable the 2.3bn people in the world to live a life free of limitations and toilet worries!

  • What's next for Jude in the future?

    Jude is continuing to further their research in functional food and the role hormones play in improving long-term bladder health. They will also be launching a large-scale patient data collection to quantify the anecdotal correlations between lifestyle factors (weight, diet, and more), medical history, and bladder health. In particular, we are partnering with the Endometriosis Foundation to understand the overlap between endometriosis and incontinence.

These have given me a new lease of life, I found them by accident looking for advice about my weak bladder and they are amazing and started to work almost straight away. I started taking them before my holiday in August this year and was able to manage most of the day without having to find a toilet and keeping up with my 8 year old granddaughter

Maria K

Since taking these supplements I have felt so much better. No longer thinking about going to the loo 24 hours a day. Simply life changing for me.

Helen R

What a difference! I no longer worry about being caught short when out and about and haven't had an 'accident' for 6 months. Thank goodness for Jude - I'm a great fan!

Mary J