femme loves NG Biotech because of their commitment to excellence and quality, and how they have considered the impact of pregnancy testing on women trying to conceive. We also love that NG Biotech have been working with our parent company Una Health for over five years, supplying diagnostics to NHS laboratories which demonstrates their experience and reputation.

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Can you tell us about your brand name and it’s background and story?

NG Precision+ is an innovative fingerprick blood pregnancy test that we have developed alongside our professional IVD range. Our journey began with a commitment to advancing diagnostics, aiming to revolutionize pregnancy testing by merging precision with convenience. We are dedicated to ensuring accuracy and reliability in diagnostics, leading us to create a test that utilizes small blood samples for earlier and more convenient pregnancy detection. 

What is your mission and motivation guiding your brand?

Our mission is straightforward yet impactful: to provide accessible and accurate pregnancy testing. Motivated by the belief in transparent and effective diagnostics, our guiding principle is to empower individuals with early pregnancy detection through innovative technology. This dedication to accuracy and reliability in diagnostics is the cornerstone of our brand. 

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors? 

    NG Precision+ stands out due to our dedication to advancing early pregnancy detection through fingerprick blood samples. Current clinical trials aim to provide specific claims about the number of days before an expected period that the test can detect hCG—offering a longer window for detection compared to traditional urine tests. Our commitment to accuracy and incorporating innovative technology into daily healthcare practices differentiates us, making NG Precision+ an integral part of individuals' lives. 

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

    Our growth strategy revolves around ongoing clinical trials and partnerships with like-minded organisations to expand our impact. We aim to collaborate with diverse healthcare facilities and educational institutions to validate and establish specific claims regarding the number of days before an expected period that our test can detect hCG. This pursuit of scientific validation and collaboration underscores our commitment to providing accurate and accessible pregnancy testing. 

  • This updated guide highlights NG Precision+'s commitment to innovation in pregnancy testing and ongoing clinical trials aimed at specifying the detection window before an expected period.

Loved this test, so much easier and cleaner to use. Gave me the reassurance I needed and just feels more trustworthy than wee.


I was glad to find a blood pregnancy test that you can take at home because I feel it's more reliable than a urine one. Was super easy to use as you don't need to mess around with multiple bits, it's just the one device you prick your finger with, and then it does its job. It didn't hurt either. I recommend