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Hertility At-Home Test

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You’re not ovary-acting

Understand your hormones and fertility, be the boss of your symptoms and get access to expert reproductive health specialists with Hertility's at-home fertility testing for women.

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Why you need it:

  • Gain valuable insights into your body's internal workings through an award-winning at-home Hormone and Fertility Test. This convenient test allows you to understand your hormonal profile and fertility status without the need for clinic visits.
  • Receive a personalised hormone panel tailored to your specific needs. This includes a careful analysis of between 3 and 10 hormones, adjusted based on factors like your contraceptive method.
  • Benefit from the expertise of your own personal gynaecologist who will analyse your test results. This service is designed to provide clarity on your hormone levels, even if you are currently using contraception.

Why we love it:

  • Embrace the convenience of telemedicine with a dedicated team of Doctors, Hormone and Fertility Advisors, Nutritionists, and Fertility Counsellors ready to support you. Receive guidance and insights based on your test results, ensuring you are informed and empowered to make decisions about your health.
  • In cases where conditions like PCOS or early menopause are detected, we appreciate the swift access to pelvic ultrasounds. This accelerates the diagnostic process, allowing for timely interventions and informed decisions about your reproductive health.
  • If your fertility journey requires advanced treatments such as IVF, IUI, or egg freezing, take advantage of the referral service. The team can connect you with vetted partner clinics, ensuring seamless continuity in your fertility journey.

What is it (and why):

  • The kit includes everything you need for at-home blood collection, facilitating a convenient and non-invasive process. This collection method ensures accuracy in hormone testing, providing reliable results for a comprehensive health assessment.
  • Your results are analysed and interpreted by a team of professionals, including Doctors, Hormone and Fertility Advisors, Nutritionists, and Fertility Counsellors. Their expertise ensures that you receive accurate information about your hormone levels and fertility status.
  • The inclusion of a referral network is strategic for those requiring advanced fertility treatments. It establishes a pathway for individuals to access treatments like IVF, IUI, or egg freezing through vetted partner clinics, enhancing the continuity and quality of care.
how to use


Complete your Online Health Assessment

Answer 30 questions - Hertility ensure every symptom, your medical history, lifestyle and periods are covered to create a bespoke at home hormone test.

26% of people get a potential diagnosis at this point by calculating their risk profile for up to 18 conditions, like PCOS.

Herility will create a personalised hormone panel for you

Analysing 247 risk factors - Hertility's algorithm will create a hormonal panel unique to you, including up to 10 reproductive and thyroid hormones.

Up to 10 Hormones tested from hormones that regulate your periods to those which screen for reproductive and thyroid conditions.

You’ll receive your at-home blood collection kit

Easy to use Hormone test kit with everything you need to collect your sample.

3-5 days after ordering you’ll receive your kit. No more last minute appointments, waiting lists or lengthy commutes.

Get a Doctor-written report explaining your results

1000s of variables are analysed to ensure your report is the most accurate diagnostic tool for your reproductive health, written by your assigned private gynaecologist.

44% of people received results indicative of a diagnosis. Whether you need a scan or referral for fertility treatments, book with the right specialist the next day.

Hertility At-Home Test
Hertility At-Home Test
Hertility At-Home Test
  • Affordable price tag

  • Test at-home

  • Results in 10 days

  • Follow-up options

For women in need of answers!

Loved the use of the website and its ease. Kit came super fast. Had some issues drawing blood (could have done with a few more needles). Expressed concerns that I could only get half of the blood required and had a response very quickly. Good time was also made to provide me with my test results and I now feel incredible relief regarding my fertility status. Great company to use, highly recommend and have done so to many of my friends since.


Great way to check your hormones, gave me a good insight. As other reviews my prolactin levels shown really high and upon retesting at the GP they were normal.


After years of noticing issues with my hormones and trying to find out what is going on I found Hertility on instagram and there was no looking back. The testing process is very simple and the consultation with a nurses afterwards was supportive, informative and extremely helpful. I feel more intune with my body and have the information and guidance to improve my health and hormones for my future. If you’re thinking about getting a test, I would recommend Hertility 100 times over.

Hilda Adu

Glad I found this company, thank you!

I'm glad I found this company that helps women to keep in tuned with their bodies and know what's happening also the staffs are so helpful and pleasant and help you to understand your results perfectly.


This experience was great and so easy from start to finish. The test came quickly and I appreciated the text reminders. I found the report easy to read & understand even though I didn't quite get the answers I was looking for but that is more down to the complexity of fertility and not due to the service. I would definitely recommend and I only wish I did this test in my 20s.


Frequently asked

can i test if i'm on hormonal contraception?

Yes, you can still test whilst using hormonal contraception. Hertility will ask you about your current contraception in your Online Health Assessment.  

If you're on hormonal contraception Hertility can still test for Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Free Thyroxine (T4) which will give you an insight into your ovarian (egg) reserve and general hormone health. They may also test more hormones such as testosterone and prolactin, depending on your online health assessment answers. However, as hormonal contraception affects ovulation and influences some hormones, they cannot test for LH, FSH, Oestradiol as your results would be inaccurate. It’s also important to be aware that your AMH levels might be temporarily lowered if you’re on hormonal contraception. 

If you want to test for LH, FSH & Oestradiol, Hertility recommend coming off your hormonal contraception and testing on your 3rd cycle (or 3 months if your cycle has not returned). This allows your hormones to revert back to their natural levels and allows us to get an accurate measurement.

The bespoke panel of hormones which you will be tested for will be displayed prior to checkout after you complete your online health assessment.  Please note that if you purchase a Hormone & Fertility Test, collect your sample and receive your results, Hertility are then unable to provide a refund if you claim to not have understood which hormones they were able to test you for.

how much blood do i need to collect?

So that Hertility can do the necessary amounts of testing, they ask that you fill your tube to the top line marked on the side of the tube.

If you have managed to fill the tube to the first line (0.5ml), please return your sample to the lab. They will be able to confirm if there is enough blood to test. If there isn’t enough then Hertility will contact you and arrange for a free replacement if this is your first blood collection kit. If you can’t collect enough blood to reach the first line, please email Hertility on and we can help you organise next steps.

has the lab received my sample?

You’ll receive an email confirmation when the lab has received your sample. Please check your junk/spam folders as sometimes Hertility emails end up here.

i couldn't fill the collection tube, what should i do?

If you have managed to fill the tube to the first line (0.5ml), please return your sample to the lab. They will be able to confirm if there is enough blood to test. If there isn’t enough then Hertility will contact you and arrange for a free replacement if this is your first blood collection kit. If you can’t collect enough blood to reach the first line, please email Hertility on and they can help you organise next steps.

how do i activate my kit?

Please note that this is only applicable if you have received instructions to activate and a barcode is within your kit. 

1. Create your Hertility account. 

Create your account and complete your online health assessment to begin your Hertility journey. 

2. Order your sample collection kit.

Your at-home blood collection kit will arrive in the post within 3-5 business days. If you have ordered a nurse visit with your test, no kit will be dispatched to you and you will not need to activate your kit. 

3. Activate your kit

Enter the 6-digit barcode number found on your sample return card at 

If you haven’t done so already, please ensure your online health assessment has been completed. 

Hertility can only accept and test your sample if: 

  • Your kit has been activated
  • Your online health assessment has been completed

4. Collect your blood sample

Once you have activated your kit, check which day to test & collect your sample.

5. Fill in your details

Before sending your sample back to Hertility, make sure you’ve filled out the details on your sample return card, and completed & attached your tube label.

6. Pop it in the post

Pop your sample, return card and lancets in your nearest post box (or post office if you’re in Ireland) before the last collection time of the day.

7. Track your kit

Be sure to make a note of the tracking number on your returns envelope, so you can follow its journey back to Hertility!

8. Receive your doctor-written report

Receive an email within 10 days with a link to view your report on your Hertility account. 

9. Next steps

Once you’ve received your report, book in with one of Hertility's female health specialists (at an additional cost) to answer any questions and get clear on next steps. 

what happens if i don't activate my kit before sending it in?

Please note that this is only applicable if you have received instructions to activate and a barcode is within your kit. 

If you do not activate your kit before returning your sample to us, Hertility will be unable to test your sample. You can purchase a second test for £25 (this is just to cover our fulfilment fees).

can i send my test to you from another country?

Unfortunately Hertility kits cannot withstand air travel so they need to be posted from within the UK or Ireland. If you do not live within the UK or Ireland and wish to take a Hertility test, Hertility are happy to dispatch a kit to your temporary address. Please note however that Hertility are unable to offer a refund if for any reason you are unable to take your test and return it to us before your departure date. 

can i use your services if i am pregnant?

Hertility tests are designed to provide insights into your reproductive health before you become pregnant. This is because your hormone levels spike during pregnancy, and as such their tests would not provide accurate results. If you are pregnant and wish to avail of their services, they’d be delighted to set up an appointment with their nutritionist to discuss your pregnancy journey. 

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