femme health holds Hertility in high regard for its groundbreaking commitment to revolutionising women's healthcare. Hertility's comprehensive approach, spanning from menstruation through menopause, aligns seamlessly with femme health's mission to provide holistic support to women at every stage of their reproductive journey. The dedication to addressing the historical underservice of individuals with ovaries in the healthcare system is commendable. femme health appreciates Hertility's tireless efforts in assembling top minds in female health, leading to the development of an award-winning alternative clinical experience.

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    Founded by scientists and powered by an (all female) research team, Hertility is a women’s health company, bringing the latest reproductive science out of the lab direct to your home. With at-home hormone and fertility testing, telemedicine and treatment (we can spot 18 gynae conditions related to reproductive health like PCOS in just 10 days and streamline you to in-house female health experts and vetted partner clinics), Hertility has you covered all the way from menstruation through menopause.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    Hertility is a women’s health company, supporting women all the way from menstruation through menopause with comprehensive at-home testing, telemedicine and treatment. Until now, people with ovaries have been underserved by the healthcare system, so we gathered the best minds in female health and dedicated years to building an
    award-winning alternative clinical experience. We have pioneered the most accurate diagnostic tool in female health that gives women clarity into what’s going on in their bodies. Currently, in just 10 days,
    we can provide advanced insights into reproductive health, fertility decline and the onset of menopause as well as screening for 18 reproductive health conditions. Hertility’s clinical trials aim to raise the standard of scientific rigour and education in female health to radically reduce time to diagnosis and fast-track women to specialist care sooner.

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    No matter what life stage you are at, get clarity into what’s going on inside your body with our award-winning, at-home Hormone and Fertility test, which includes: a comprehensive online health assessment; at-home blood collection kit and your own personal gynaecologist to analyse and deliver your results. Hertility’s at-home Hormone and Fertility test can help to: Identify ovarian reserve & warning signs of infertility. Screen for up to 18 conditions related to reproductive health Get fast referrals to vetted partner clinics for treatments

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    We have recently launched Menopause in our effort to provide care from menstruation through to menopause.

Been meaning to write a review for a while! So glad I paid for this test - my bloods showed I was at the lower end right on the borderline for my thyroid but not deemed as below, so my doctors had not previously acted on this (despite me having many symptoms of hypothyroidism). Shared these results with my doctor and she agreed to put me on a low dose of medication before upping it after subsequent tests. Around 6 months later I found out I was pregnant! I am convinced without this test my journey would have been much longer and my early pregnancy would also have been potentially a higher risk if my underactive thyroid was left undiagnosed. Thank you!

Emma Sales

I’ve always wondered if I had PCOS, now I finally know. The Hertility test was honestly so easy to do. When my results came through, the Doctor recommended that I go for a scan. The scan confirmed that I do have PCOS. Whilst it was a shock, I’m so pleased they I finally know and now know why my periods are not always regular and why I struggle with acne. I recommend Hertility to every women.


I decided to do a hormone test as I was experiencing PMS symptoms. The blood test process was OK - it took 15 minutes to get enough blood to fill the vial - and the instructions very clear. I got my results back 7 days later in a great report with lots of information about what each reading meant. I had 2 levels I was concerned about so I paid to do a consultation with one of the doctors and it was such a professional and reassuring call with Yasmin who had obviously prepared by going through my report in full. She gave me really helpful advice and recommended next steps that I feel confident to carry out. I really recommend this service to any woman who has questions or concerns about her fertility or menstrual cycle - it is so worth it for the peace of mind and knowledge about your body.

Freya Cunningham

I ordered the hormone and fertility test 7 days ago. I am yet to receive it. Was worried that perhaps this was a scam. I have had email confirmation that they will send another out for me.


Amazing! If you are ever in doubt about your fertility or just curious I was recommend this 100%!

The peace of mind and the drs advice on next steps really helped me in my journey to conceive, rather than waiting a whole year wait with the NHS.

£150 for peace of mind is a complete bargain!