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Zita West

Zita West Vitafem Premium Women’s Fertility Supplement

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Vitafem is a premium multi-vitamin and multi-mineral women’s fertility supplement specially developed to help support female fertility, redress nutritional imbalances and prepare the body for conception. It’s a simple and effective way for women to ensure they are getting the essential nutrients they need while preparing for pregnancy.

  • For natural and assisted conception
  • Includes Folic Acid in the superior form of Folate
  • Suitable for vegans

Quantity: 60 capsules, 1 month's supply

*femme do not endorse products, nor do we confirm their effectiveness; instead we recommend that you always seek advice from your GP (and your fertility clinic, especially if you are taking prescribed fertility medication) before product use*


Why you need it:

  • Vitafem is designed for use during preconception, particularly for women aged 35 and older. It is also beneficial for younger women with factors such as poor diet, high activity levels, stress, or digestive issues that may affect nutritional absorption. This supplement provides essential nutrients to support overall health while preparing for pregnancy.
  • Formulated based on the latest research and science, Vitafem delivers a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement tailored for the preconception stage. It focuses on key vitamins and minerals crucial for egg quality, hormonal balance, and overall reproductive health.
  • Vitafem covers a range of vitamins and minerals that play vital roles in female fertility, male fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal health. From B-vitamins for hormonal health to selenium for antioxidant protection, each component contributes to a comprehensive approach to supporting reproductive well-being.

Why we love it:

  • We appreciate that Vitafem is formulated based on the latest research and scientific knowledge. This ensures that the supplement aligns with current understanding of nutritional needs during the preconception period, providing women with a well-informed choice for their health.
  • Vitafem doesn't just focus on preconception; it addresses the nutritional needs during female fertility, male fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal stages. This versatility makes it a valuable supplement that can support women's reproductive health throughout different phases of their journey.
  • The product provides clear explanations of the benefits associated with each vitamin and mineral. This transparency helps users understand why each component is included and how it contributes to reproductive health, fostering informed decision-making.

What's inside (and why):

  • B-Vitamins: Essential for hormonal regulation, crucial for male fertility, and important during pregnancy for immune system functioning and metabolism.
  • Vitamin E: Acts as an antioxidant, protecting egg and sperm DNA from damage, and supports metabolism and nervous system development during pregnancy and postnatal periods.
  • Selenium: Functions as an antioxidant, protecting DNA and supporting immune and thyroid systems in both men and women, with additional importance for male fertility.
how to use


Take 2 capsules a day



B-vitamins, Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin D, Lycopene, Zinc, Choline, Vitamin C, Iron, Biotin, Magnesium, CoQ10, Calcium, Folate

Zita West Vitafem Premium Women’s Fertility Supplement
Zita West Vitafem Premium Women’s Fertility Supplement
Zita West Vitafem Premium Women’s Fertility Supplement
Zita West Vitafem Premium Women’s Fertility Supplement
Zita West Vitafem Premium Women’s Fertility Supplement
Zita West Vitafem Premium Women’s Fertility Supplement
  • Dairy free

  • Gluten free

  • Vegetarian & vegan

  • Yeast free

I am using Zita West product Vitafem, and so far I am quite happy with it.
I had to wait a while for the product to be delivered, but customer service was nice and reacted on my concern immediately. Only disadvantage is that you have to take 2 capsules every day and each capsule is quite big.

Overall I am a happy customer and I keep using this product.


Good multivitamin. We use vitafem and vitamen.


Best pre-conception and pregnancy supplements on the market

From the super prompt delivery from the time of order, I truly believe that the Zita West Vitafem +Vitafem Boost 1 are the best quality fertility aiding supplements on the market. I am so pleased that they changed the formulation so that you only have to take these twice instead of three times a day now. I don't believe that the quality has been compromised in any way.
I have taken these supplements for a few years now and have managed to fall pregnant naturally a few times despite my age (40+) and with only one fallopian tube. Whilst I have sadly never carried to full term, I do believe that the Vitafem has balanced everything out and has helped me to conceive multiple times.
I am keeping everything crossed that I manage to fall pregnant again very soon and carry a baby(ies) to full term. I will continue to take these supplements to help support my body throughout the process. They are excellent !


I have been taking VitaFem and VitaFem Boost products, along with the Vitamin D spray and Vital DHA for a few weeks. Products are great :-)

Liz Turnbull

Frequently asked

Do I need to take extra Folic Acid If I am taking Vitafem?

No, not unless your doctor specifically recommends it. Vitafem delivers 400ug of Folate daily, which is widely believed to be the optimal amount for supplementation.

Is there a risk of taking too much Folic Acid?

Vitafem contains 400 ug of Folate, which is well within what is considered safe as a level for daily supplementation. It is perfectly fine to combine Vitafem with our Inositol & Folate formulation (which provides and additional 200ug of Folate per day).

I've noticed my urine has turned yellow since taking Vitafem. Is this normal?

Yes, the high levels of B vitamins in Vitafem can cause some people’s urine to turn yellow. If this happens to you, don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural!

Can I carry on taking Vitafem if I am pregnant?

YES, however, it is better to move on to to the Vital Essence range which has been especially formulated for your body’s changing needs during each trimester of pregnancy.

What is 'RDA' and why are so many of the ingredients in Vitafem higher than 100%?

“RDA” is an abbreviation of “Recommended Daily Allowance.” The RDA was devised by the Dept of Health in the UK in 1979 to provide guidance on the intake of a limited number of specific vitamins and minerals that an average adult should have daily in order to avoid a deficiency that may lead to disease or general ill-health. Whereas this was, and remains, a useful benchmark for judging the contribution that any supplement may make to reaching those minimum requirements, it wasn’t intended to represent an indication of optimum intake. You will probably have noticed that many supplements, particularly premium priced ones such as our own, contain daily levels that are frequently many times higher than the RDA, sometimes substantially so. This is because the vitamins and minerals concerned have been set at therapeutic levels in an attempt to boost the body’s store of the nutrients concerned, often for a particular and limited period of time, the need for which can of course vary depending on factors such as general health, age etc. It is universally recognised that pregnancy, and preparing for pregnancy, for example, benefit from special attention to nutrition on the part of both partners. All of the formulations within the Zita West range are well within the Government’s guidelines for what represents the upper safe limit (USL) for long term daily supplementation of any given nutrient.

Can I take Vitafem Boost instead of Vitafem?

NO. Zita West usually recommends that all their clients who are trying to get pregnant consider taking, as a first nutritional step, a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, like Vitafem, to help support their everyday diet. Vitafem has been specifically developed to help protect a woman’s daily intake of those micro-nutrients that we believe are the most important for all- round pre-conceptual health. Vitafem Boost has been developed as a companion product to Vitafem for those of their clients who might also benefit from boosting their intake of antioxidants to help further protect their maternal DNA from oxidative stress. Research suggests that oxidative stress may be associated with an increased incidence of sub-fertility, recurrent miscarriage and IVF failure. Which is why Zita West recommend the product specifically for women who are finding it difficult to conceive rather than those who are just about to try. Because it has been designed as a companion product to Vitafem, it does not duplicate many of the important vitamins and minerals that can be found in Vitafem and it isn’t suitable, therefore, as a substitute for it.

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