femme health holds Wild Nutrition in high esteem for its unwavering commitment to transforming the supplement market through a natural and holistic approach. Henrietta Norton's vision, rooted in her extensive clinical experience in women's nutritional health, resonates deeply with femme's mission to empower women in their wellness journeys. The founding philosophy of Wild Nutrition, centered on empowering women to enhance their health through nutrition, aligns seamlessly with femme health's values. The emphasis on Food-Grown® supplements, derived from naturally sourced ingredients, reflects a dedication to harnessing the intelligence of nature for optimal well-being. femme health admires the brand's global collaboration with scientists, organic farmers, and mycologists, showcasing a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Wild Nutrition. In 2010, while formulating for healthcare giants, nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton decided to go it alone, creating her own Food-Grown® supplements and, in doing so, reshaping the future of the supplement market. How? By pursuing a natural path. A path that honoured her 17 years’ clinical experience in women’s nutritional health.

“I knew the supplement market could and should be better. I knew I could raise the bar with formulations that better reflected real women and real life stages, with naturally-sourced, naturally-effective ingredients.”

In 2013, together with husband Charlie, the Nortons founded Wild Nutrition from a shed in their back garden. Fast forward to today and the brand is now a global collaboration with scientists, organic farmers and mycologists across the world.

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  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    Our founding philosophy: empowering women to transform their health through nutrition. The best form of nutrition? The food Mother Nature provides. Yet 95% of today’s nutritional supplements are synthetically derived. Food-Grown® supplements are naturally sourced, harnessing the intelligence of nature’s ingredients.

    Vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals are formulated - with all their essential compounds - so our bodies recognise these formulations as food.
    Scientific studies show just how effectively Food-Grown® nutrients are recognised, absorbed and retained. No fillers or binders, no overwhelming mega doses, just naturally effective supplements, supported by research and real life.

    “I believe Food-Grown® is the most respectful and effective way of supplementing mind and body.” Henrietta Norton, Founder & Formulator

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Fact: 95% of supplements are artificially derived. But not Food-Grown® supplements. Naturally sourced, our bodies recognise them as food, absorbing the nutrients.

    No fillers, no mega doses, just naturally effective supplements, supported by research and real life.

    With an emphasis on sustainability and putting people and our planet first. We have been a B Corp since 2021 and continually push the boundaries to give back to our communities and earth.

How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

Our all-woman team of registered nutritional therapists supports every woman, in every life stage, from puberty to postmenopause.

Fertility to new mother: Award-winning range of supplements for laying the foundations for new life through to nourishing mother and baby with four-trimester nutritional support.

Hormonal health: Our naturally sourced Food-Grown® supplements are expertly formulated with a full spectrum of nutrients, supporting all aspects of hormonal health.

Perimenopause + menopause: Supporting you through the transition of perimenopause to menopause. Empowering you to take charge of your second spring.

Nicole called me right on time for our phone appointment, addressed all of my issues, gave me medical background on how various supplements worked and immediately sent me a proposed program. I couldn’t be happier.


This is a great supplement, I think it has really helped my fertility journey. I am so happy to have found Wild Nutrition. It's a guarantee of good stuff.


I experience low mood and anxiety and wanted a more natural supplement rather than taking Prescribed medication from the GP. Really notice a difference in my mood when I don’t take this medication, this is a fantastic alternative for me. I like the refill packets too, the fact they come in the post works really well for me!


Well, energy levels are up!
It’s a yes.


I love that the refill is an option. Great for the environment and even fits through my letterbox!

The tablets have helped me battle sickness and tiredness through early pregnancy. The only downfall is they smell/taste, really off putting and can make them hard to take.


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