femme health admires Prime Fifty! Their roots in Cambridge's ground-breaking research show a dedication to tailored supplements. As part of FutureYou, they prioritise wellness for those 50 and above, revolutionising supplementation through Prime Fifty. With expert guidance from Dr. Max Gowland and Dr. Miriam Ferrer, they've created 50+ evidence-backed supplements for optimal absorption. Their customer care mirrors our high service standards. Their mission aligns with ours: proactive wellness. Their advocacy for tailored solutions and education signals a bright, healthy future!

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Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Prime Fifty was the first brand in the UK specifically looking at the needs of the over 50s. As we age, our bodies require different quantities of nutrients and absorb the goodness from the foods we eat differently compared to when we were younger. 

Our range of food supplements are evidence-based additions developed under the guidance of our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Max Gowland, are part of our commitment to catering to diverse needs.

Getting older does not mean you need to start aching, being tired, or not feeling like yourself. We want you to feel at your prime, in your fifties and beyond! 

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    Prime Fifty was a trailblazer in the UK, recognising the distinct needs of this demographic. Our motivation stems from a dedication to revolutionising health care for this age group, advocating for proactive approaches that prioritise supplementation tailored to their unique requirements.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    What truly distinguishes our brand is the meticulous curation of supplements designed exclusively for the over-50s demographic. Each formulation is a result of extensive research, drawing from evidence-based ingredients supported by an extensive body of scientific literature. This commitment to scientific validation and precision ensures that our supplements stand apart in efficacy and relevance for the specific health concerns of this age group.

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

    Moving forward, our brand endeavours to be a vocal advocate for prioritising health in the over-50s community. We aim to amplify awareness regarding the necessity of supplementing our diets as we age. As our bodies naturally undergo changes affecting nutrient absorption, emphasising the importance of supplementation becomes paramount. Our future involves continual education, outreach, and innovation to meet evolving health needs, focusing on providing tailored solutions to support the wellness journey of individuals aged 50 and beyond.

Product was explained clearly and ordering on line was trouble free and the product was dispatched timeously and arrived when promised.

Heather Warrior

Always a quick response, helpful and efficient. Very easy team to deal with, highly recommend.


I’m afraid I am very bad at taking my tablet regularly and the customer service people are always very helpful and courteous by holding back my tablets until I need them. Thank you.

J Dainty

Item arrived quickly & well packed. Tablets seem good & so far no tummy issues which is amazing f as my stomach is super sensitive. I’ll definitely be ordering more magnesium. My husband has set up a repeat order now as it works out cheaper

Tracey Harris

Easy to order. Delivery is very quick. I have been taking the hair skin and nails supplement for two months. I started losing hair about 18 months ago. These supplements are definitely making a difference in the amount of hair breakage and loss.

Shani turnage