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OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests

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Clear answers as early as possible. Get peace of mind ASAP. Our highly sensitive (sensitivity of 10 mlU/mL), early-detection pregnancy tests are clinically proven to be over 99% accurate and work up to five days before your expected period.

Why you need it:

  • This product addresses the need for affordable testing by providing four tests in each box, allowing users to test as early as five days before the expected period without breaking the bank.
  • This product stands out by offering a fully recyclable solution. By using these tests, you contribute to reducing environmental impact by sending used tests and wrappers in the provided freepost envelope for proper recycling.
  • The early detection feature ensures clear answers as soon as possible, providing peace of mind to individuals on their conception journey.

Why we love it:

  • We appreciate the commitment to making early pregnancy testing more accessible by offering four tests in one box.
  • The environmental responsibility displayed by offering a solution to the issue of non-recyclable pregnancy tests, aligning with the growing awareness of sustainability in product design.
  • We admire the user-centric approach in providing discreet, high-quality, and reasonably priced pregnancy tests tailored to the needs of those trying to conceive.

What is it (and why):

  • OVUM offers a set of four highly sensitive pregnancy tests designed for early detection, proven to be over 99% accurate. This addresses the need for individuals trying to conceive to receive clear answers as early as five days before the expected period, providing timely peace of mind.
  • OVUM's commitment to environmental sustainability allows users to responsibly dispose of used tests and wrappers by sending them in the provided freepost envelope.
  • It was created by individuals who experienced the challenges of infertility and wanted a solution that was high quality, discreet, and reasonably priced.
how to use


Pee directly onto your pregnancy test, or dip your test into a sample of urine. Follow the instructions for use closely and await your results.



  • Each box includes 4 tests.
OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
OVUM Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
  • Evidence backed

  • BPA plastic-free

  • UK made

I'm pregnant!

I’d been TTC since December 2022 when 2 months ago I heard about Ovum on the BFN podcast. I couldn’t believe all the nasties used in some of the fertility supplements so was instantly sold on the use of the right vitamins in the right form, formulated by professionals. Only 2/3 through my second jar, I took an ovum pregnancy test (which are fully recyclable!!) and I’m pregnant! Am absolutely over the moon and can’t recommend enough.


High quality ingredients

When I started trying to conceive, I bought hundreds of expensive supplements. With Ovum all the ingredients you need are in one supplement, that you know is of the highest quality and contains evidence based ingredients.
Excellent company ethos.

I also loved the pregnancy tests - I was shocked to read how many tests went to landfill so this is much needed. Ovum has really considered the needs of the users who don't end up with a positive pregnancy test which is far more refreshing than other brands who only acknowledge the positive results.

Sophie Byrne

I am a coach and mindset mentor for people experiencing a fertility journey and Ovum asked if they could share one of my meditations on boxes of their pregnancy tests. I was blown away by this and immediately agreed to work with them - Ovum clearly showed me how well they understand that the majority of their repeat customers are going through the incredibly challenging world of a fertility journey. Their products are faultless - seriously high quality. They are a huge disruptor in the industry which so far has not really valued the TTC (trying to conceive) community in the way they should always have been valued. Ovum sent me their tests and I was very impressed with the whole look and feel of them; so important for anyone taking a pregnancy test. It's a major life moment whatever your story. I love the ethos behind the brand and the products are fantastic and such high quality. Thank you Ovum for your care and consideration for the planet and your customers it is an honour to work with you. Brilliant.

Alice Rose

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