Introducing Preconception Health: Why Your Health Before Pregnancy Matters

Introducing Preconception Health: Why Your Health Before Pregnancy Matters

When we talk about getting ready for a baby, we often think about decorating the nursery or picking out cute onesies. But there's something really important that often gets overlooked: your health before pregnancy. Believe it or not, your wellbeing before you even think about getting pregnant plays a huge role in how things go down the road. So, let's dive into why prepping your body before pregnancy is a big deal.


Why Your Health Before Pregnancy Matters:


  1. Boosting Baby-Making Power: Think of it like this: the healthier you are, the better chance you have of making a baby. Simple habits like eating right, moving your body, and keeping stress in check can make a big difference in your fertility. So, if you're thinking about expanding your family, taking care of yourself is step one.


  1. Dodging Pregnancy Complications: Nobody wants a bumpy ride during pregnancy. By getting your health in check beforehand, you can lower the chances of things like having your baby too early or dealing with health problems along the way. It's like laying a smooth road for your baby's journey into the world.


  1. Setting Up Baby for Success: Your body is like the cosy home where your baby grows for nine months. By giving it the right nutrients and care before pregnancy, you're creating the perfect environment for your little one to thrive. It's like giving them a head start before they even arrive.


  1. Prioritise good sexual health: Taking care of your sexual health should be a priority: Untreated STIs can pose serious risks during pregnancy, such as transmission to the foetus, premature birth, or other complications.


  1. Taking Care of Mum: Pregnancy can be tough on your body, so it helps to start out strong. By tackling any health issues before you get pregnant, you're giving yourself a better shot at feeling good throughout the journey. After all, a healthy mum means a happier pregnancy.


  1. Dads, You're in This Too!: It's not just mums who need to think about pre-pregnancy health. Dads-to-be play a big role too. Eating well, staying active, and avoiding bad stuff like smoking can all help make super sperm and set the stage for a healthy baby.


  1. A Lifetime of Health: Taking care of yourself before pregnancy isn't just about those nine months. It's about setting up good habits that can stick around for life. When you start out healthy, it's easier to keep the ball rolling and give your family the gift of wellness for years to come.


Simple Changes to Consider Before Conception:

1. Stop smoking: the NHS has free stop smoking services available here

2. Reduce alcohol intake: Try having at least 4 nights without alcohol a week. There are lots of lovely non-alcoholic drinks available - try using your favourite glass and adding fruit to make it feel special. 

3. Manage your stress levels: taking 5 minutes out of your busy day to practice relaxation can make a big difference. Getting outdoors first thing in the morning is also really good for stress levels: take your morning tea or coffee outdoors! 

4. Move more: Too much too quickly is not recommended if you're not used to regular exercise so try adding some short walks into your day. Habit stacking is great for sticking to your goals (read more here), so why not take a short walk after you have put the bins out?

5. Check on your sexual health: STI detection and treatment has never been easier or more discreet. A wide range of at-home testing services are available now, check out our sexual health tests here


Getting ready for a baby isn't just about picking out baby names and decorating the nursery. It's also about prepping your body for the incredible journey ahead. By taking care of your health before pregnancy, you're giving yourself and your future baby the best possible start. So, whether you're thinking about starting a family soon or somewhere down the road, remember: your health matters, even before you see those two pink lines.