The team at femme health are over the moon about stocking Daye’s incredible products! This female-founded powerhouse in gynaecological health is on a mission to transform our approach to our bodies. Picture this: tampons as not just a monthly necessity but as a roadmap to understanding your health journey at every turn. Daye’s innovative at-home screenings using tampons make gynae care effortless—no discomfort or awkward exams, just smooth sailing. And that's not all! Daye’s dedication to bridging the gender health gap by investing in groundbreaking research is truly inspiring. Psst, they’re gearing up to introduce STI and HPV screenings soon too!

Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Launched in 2017, Daye is a female-founded gynaecological health startup and is fast becoming the leading destination in menstrual and pain management, vaginal health, and hormonal awareness. On a mission to close the gender gap in medical research and innovation, Daye intends to ‘put your gynae health back in your own hands’ through our revolutionary products and services for at-home testing for fertility insights, STIs, HPV and vaginal infections, as well as period pain and menstrual care. Daye’s goal is to empower women and AFAB individuals to take control of their gynae health. From soothing CBD infused menstrual care products to a cutting-edge at-home diagnosis platform, all of Daye’s products and services are personalised, advanced, fuss-free and supported by science. Daye is dedicated to raising the standards in gynae health and making it easier for everyone to understand, monitor and improve their menstruation and pain management, vaginal health and hormonal awareness. Daye was recognised by WIRED as one of London’s hottest startups in 2022 and 2019. Daye’s founder, Valentina Milanova, was also named on the 2023 Forbes 30Under30 Europe list.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Daye is the first and only health company focused on tampon gynaecology. Our at-home, non-invasive gynae health screenings allow women and AFAB individuals to use a tampon—something they can use comfortably and with ease—to better understand key aspects of their health, through all life stages. Daye offers expert gynae care without the stirrups.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    From the beginning of time, women and people assigned female at birth have been sidelined from medical research, turned away from doctors, taught to believe pain is just something to put up with. And frankly, we’re over it.
    Daye is on a mission to eliminate the gender gap that keeps so many gynae health issues in the dark. That starts with equipping you with the knowledge and industry-leading tools to take your health into your own hands.

How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

We aim to become the leading destination for all facets of gynaecological care across menstrual, vaginal, and hormonal health. We are committed to a virtuous cycle of innovation whereby our commercial profits are reinvested into much needed gynae health research and product innovation in order to close the staggering gender health gap. In October of 2023, we are adding STI screening capability to our at-home diagnostic tampon offering, which will help patients assess their risk of sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis, as well as Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. Soon thereafter, we’re adding HPV screening capability to our diagnostic tampon. As global recommendations for cervical cancer detection shift toward HPV testing, away from Pap Smears, Daye is proud to be introducing an accessible, at-home option for this critical gynae health screen.

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I bang on a lot about Daye, but the services they provide are amazing- since using Daye, I’m managing my PCOS a lot better. I paid for the full period pain report and it was worth every penny. Recommended a specialist for me to talk to, nutrition, exercise, and alternative pain management. I’ve also used the microbiome testing kit where I discovered a lot about my fertility and vaginal health– they produce the results in a PDF that you can take to the GP!


Self-collected tampons may encourage women previously too embarrassed to attend important genitourinary medicine appointments or take part in vaginal microbiota research.

Dr. Flo Turner, Liverpool Women’s Hospital

The CBD Tampons are a godsend, oh my goodness I love them. The nude tampons as well. I have lots of issues with the high street brands which shed and sometimes cause me irritation but I’ve never had that problem with Daye.


Wonderful experience

I’ve been speaking to my GP for months and nothing has come of it. The Daye screening test helped me identify the problem and have an informed discussion with my GP about treatment. What a wonderful company and experience!


A must for any woman

Quick and easy service and great customer service when my delivery went a bit awry. The microbiome screening is a MUST for any woman who wants to manage her health. It might throw up a few surprises or confirm suspicions. There’s also aftercare available. I will definitely be taking another test. Take advantage of the multi-buy discount, I wish I had! You might think you won’t need it but you may be surprised!