femme health is absolutely buzzing about teaming up with Nourished! They've cracked the code, blending science and innovation to create personalised nutrition like never before. With their 3D-printed stacks, it's a whole new level of bespoke goodness, and they've got the goods to back it up. Enter the Life Stacks, designed for life's curveballs. Whether you're chasing that extra pep in your step or aiming for stress-free days, Nourished's got your back with stacks curated by the brightest minds. Their mission is all about flipping the script on generic nutrition, and it shows! They're leaping ahead, eyeing female health support and elevating the game in sports nutrition. Plus, they're not just about now; they're thinking sustainability for a better tomorrow. With Nourished on board, femme health is serving up a whole new level of wellness wizardry for our customers!

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  • Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

    Nourished offers personalised nutrition revolutionised by 3D-printed vegan stacks and expertly curated Life Stacks. Choose from tailored nutrients or take our quiz for customised formulas. Our meticulously crafted stacks ensure pure, scientifically validated blends, backed by extensive research, and designed for diverse lifestyles.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    Mission - revolutionising nutrition with tailored solutions, providing optimal nutrients for unique lifestyles and health goals through personalised blends and curated Life Stacks.

    Motivation - fuelled by a passion for personalisation, Nourished challenges the one-size-fits-all approach. We believe in the transformative potential of precise nutrition, guiding individuals toward optimal health via custom options or premium Life Stacks tailored for common challenges, backed by innovation, research, and technology.

What sets your brand apart from competitors?

Nourished sets itself apart by prioritising personalisation, innovation, and scientific credibility across various aspects:

Our advanced AI assessment tools enable the creation of personalised nutrient blends tailored to individual health profiles. The patented 7-layer encapsulation process guarantees potent and time-released nutrients for optimal absorption. Our expert formulations meticulously craft exclusive blends to maximize synergistic benefits. We offer curated Life Stacks, providing personalised or pre-formulated options addressing common health challenges. Utilizing advanced 3D printing ensures precise dosing and consistent quality in every stack. Committed to purity, our products contain only the finest vegan ingredients without fillers. Furthermore, each ingredient is backed by robust scientific research, emphasising genuine health benefits.

How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

At Nourished, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic health shapes our growth trajectory:

We're extending our support in female health, spanning hormonal balance to post-menopausal care, offering comprehensive assistance at every phase. Additionally, our focus on elevating sports nutrition involves crafting specialised blends for recovery, endurance, muscle growth, and mental agility, specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts through a fusion of scientific research and formulation expertise. We're embracing tech-driven personalisation by exploring advanced AI assessments, wearable integrations, and real-time health data analysis to provide more precise solutions. Our dedication to sustainable growth persists as we explore environmentally friendly sourcing, packaging, and delivery methods to reduce our carbon footprint while expanding our reach.

Top quality service

The whole ordering process was easy and straight forward. Great service throughout and top quality vitamins to my spec and taste great. Thank You Nourished🙏🏻

Mr Richardson

Great gummies!

I love the gummies! They are delicious and it's such a great way to build your own multi-vitamin. I only gave it four stars instead of five because the shipping can be quite slow, resulting in a couple day lag between boxes. Also, I wish the gummies weren't individually wrapped in plastic.


Very tasty, not a pain to take everyday like other vitamins.


I was surprised! I've seen the adverts but of course they're probably paid influencers and I was doubtful that the person/actor was genuinely enjoying the taste haha. I was pleasantly surprised and they're surprisingly yummy. I have to remember they're vitamins and not eat more than one a day (I got the cola flavour). I started taking them when I gave up alcohol for Go Sober October to help give my body a boost after being so mean to it for so long and I'm really happy with the results after taking them for nearly a month now! :)

Tania Delohery-duffy

The new, improved way to nourish your body

I dislike taking pills and this vitamin gummy has been incredible. I love the customizability of the layers and flavour of the gummy. Definitely would recommend!


Personalised Nutrition

At the heart of their brand lies the commitment to cater to individual health profiles. With their advanced AI enabled assessment tools, they provide a distinct blend of nutrients tailored uniquely for each person.

Patented7-Layer Encapsulation

Nourished's groundbreaking 7-layer encapsulation process ensures that each nutrient is kept
potent and bioavailable. This technology not only ensures optimal absorption but also provides a time-release effect, distributing benefits throughout the day.

Proprietary Formula

Their exclusive formulations are meticulously designed by experts, ensuring a harmonious blend of nutrients that work synergistically for maximal benefit.

Life stacks

Their Life Stacks are expertly curated solutions addressing common health and lifestyle challenges. This innovative approach ensures that whether you're looking for an individualised blend or a pre-formulated stack, they've got you

Cutting-edge 3D printing

Their use of advanced 3D printing technology ensures precise dosing and consistent quality in every stack.

Pure and vegan

They stand firm on their commitment to purity. Every stack is vegan, devoid of unnecessary fillers, and crafted from the purest ingredients.


Beyond trends, they prioritise science. Every ingredient in
their formulations is backed by robust scientific research, emphasising their dedication to genuine health benefits.