femme loves Grace & Green for their unwavering dedication to ethical period care, providing safe, sustainable products while advocating for equal access to menstrual wellness. The brand's commitment to combining innovation with education and their initiative to make ethical period care universally accessible aligns perfectly with Femme's values, promoting confidence, dignity, and environmental responsibility in the realm of feminine wellness.

Could you share the remarkable background story of your brand and its name?

Our founder, Fran, with over a decade of experience in the water and sanitation sector, witnessed the environmental impact of conventional period products. This first-hand experience inspired the birth of Grace & Green. After three years of dedicated research and product development, we launched our brand, offering 100% certified organic, ethical period products, providing ultimate protection while being safe and sustainable for both our bodies and the planet.

What is the mission that drives your brand?

At Grace & Green, our mission revolves around combining ethical, innovative products with empowering period education, ensuring that everyone can navigate life with confidence and dignity. We firmly believe that access to ethical period products is a fundamental right and work tirelessly to provide safe and sustainable solutions for all, without compromise. Our dedication extends to partnering with non-profits to donate products to local and global initiatives, advocating for equal access to period care.

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What sets Grace & Green apart from competitors?

Grace & Green: We take immense pride in being the highest scoring B Corp in disposable period care, marking us as the most sustainable period brand globally. Our commitment to using 100% organic cotton, biodegradable packaging, and becoming a carbon-neutral company underlines our dedication to minimising our impact on the environment. Additionally, our initiative, Period Dignity by Grace & Green, advocates for accessibility to free period products in schools, universities, workplaces, and public spaces. Every purchase from Grace & Green supports this initiative, showcasing our commitment to making ethical period care accessible to all.

How does Grace & Green plan to evolve in the future?

We aspire to expand our impact by venturing into new personal care categories and enhancing our commitment to sustainability by utilising even more plant-based materials. Our focus isn't limited to periods; there is more work to be done outside this scope. We strive to continually innovate and provide sustainable solutions to a wider spectrum of personal care needs.

I was excited to try this new period cup and it didn’t disappoint! The recyclable packaging is a really thoughtful touch and the cup itself is beautifully designed. It’s super soft and I love the little node thingy at the bottom – it makes it really easy to remove. I love what Grace & Green stands for, they seem like a company that really cares. The cup performs perfectly and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Once you’ve tried Grace & Green there’s no going back. Other sanitary pads feel like sandpaper after using these.

It is undeniable that we must all make small changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle to protect our environment. These sanitary pads offer such a change. They are made from Bamboo which is sustainable and entirely biodegradable material with the plant absorbing more CO2 than trees and producing 30% more oxygen. These pads are made with no plastics whatsoever – even the wrapping is plant based and biodegradable. There are no toxic ingredients or bleaches and the pads are soft and absorbent while remaining entirely compostable.

Happy to leave big name, plastic applicators behind. Have recommended to over 10 people now, who have the financial means to choose environmentally friendly period products that suit their lifestyle.