femme health absolutely adores Hoopsy, and let me tell you why! Picture this vibrant brand that emerged from Lara's own IVF journey, where she was utterly astonished by the plastic overload in pregnancy tests. It was a lightbulb moment! Hoopsy sprang into existence—a midstream eco pregnancy test that's 99% plastic-free, boasting the same impressive accuracy as its plastic-laden counterparts. Their mission? Oh, it's a mighty one—to eradicate single-use plastic from home test kits! Every Hoopsy test sold equals a high-five to Mother Earth, reducing plastic landfill waste one test at a time. What's the glittery charm that sets Hoopsy apart from the rest in this femme health extravaganza? They stand tall as the lone wolf in the global market, offering midstream tests that are 99% plastic-free. But wait, there's more excitement on the horizon! Hoopsy's future is an adventure, with plans to introduce other fantastic tests, including ovulation kits.

Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Hoopsy is more than just a brand—it's a testament to the transformative power of personal experiences. Lara, the visionary force behind Hoopsy, embarked on an IVF journey that ignited a revolution. Witnessing firsthand the overwhelming reliance on plastic pregnancy tests during this pivotal phase was a revelation for her. It struck her profoundly that while women sought to test and ensure accurate results, the sheer amount of plastic in a product used fleetingly seemed nonsensical. That's when the seeds of change were sown, and the Hoopsy midstream eco pregnancy test emerged as a groundbreaking solution—a testament to Lara's unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. Crafted to be 99% plastic-free, yet rivaling the accuracy of conventional tests at over 99%, Hoopsy stands as a beacon of progress in femme health, marrying precision with a conscientious approach toward the environment.

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  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Hoopsy's innovation doesn't merely set it apart; it marks a pioneering leap in the realm of at-home health tests. As the exclusive torchbearer in the industry, Hoopsy proudly stands as the solitary brand globally offering midstream tests—yes, the ones you rely on for accuracy—that are an astonishing 99% plastic-free. This isn't just a unique selling point; it's a paradigm shift in how we approach femme health. The dedication to crafting these tests with an exceptional reduction in plastic content, while maintaining the stringent accuracy standards exceeding 99%, embodies our unwavering commitment to sustainability without compromising on reliability. This ground-breaking feat isn't just a testament to our innovation; it's a testament to our resolute belief that health and environmental consciousness can seamlessly intertwine to create products that redefine the landscape of personal wellness.

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

    Expanding our horizons and pushing the boundaries of innovation is at the core of Hoopsy's roadmap. While our pioneering midstream eco pregnancy test has made waves in the industry, we're not stopping there! The journey ahead is brimming with excitement as we chart a course to introduce a range of new tests. One such highly anticipated addition to our lineup is the ovulation test—an essential tool for individuals navigating their fertility journey. Our commitment to sustainability, accuracy, and reliability extends beyond pregnancy tests. The forthcoming ovulation test embodies our ethos, promising the same eco-conscious design while delivering precise and dependable results. This expansion marks the next chapter in Hoopsy's mission to revolutionise femme health, empowering individuals with accessible, sustainable, and top-tier health solutions across various pivotal moments in their lives. Stay tuned as Hoopsy continues to innovate and evolve, shaping a future where health and environmental consciousness seamlessly converge.

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Great company helping life be more sustainable

Sent super fast with a lovely note. So excited about this company! First thing I thought when looking at tests is that they contain so much plastic. Perfect alternative and super easy to use. Thanks Hoopsy!


Tests that look good and are good for the planet

What I loved most about these tests is the packaging. It sits in my bathroom and stays discreet. It almost looks like another self care product on my shelf. Not only does it look great but its great for the planet too and really easy to use. 10/10

Luce Hawkins

Only eco friendly brand of pregnancy tests I have found, they're awesome

Hayley Docken


I really like these strips, best part about these are they are eco friendly no useless plastic body


Like how good it is for our planet

Holly Parton