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Hairburst Pregnancy Hair Vitamins

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Each bottle: 30 capsules | Daily dosage: 1 capsule

Fight back at pregnancy and post-pregnancy hair loss. A scientifically and safely developed supplement, formulated with only premium and naturally derived ingredients. Providing the correct ratio of essential vitamins needed for pregnant or breastfeeding mums. Biotin, B Vitamins and Folic Acid work in sync to support hair growth - and pregnancy fatigue - at the same time. Support your hair growth during and post-partum.

The Benefits
  • Contains active ingredients proven to encourage eyelash growth, reduces inflammation, inhibits DHT and stimulates collagen production for optimal results
  • Thicker, fuller and longer lashes and brows
  • Safe for everyday use with our unique hormone free formula that is a safe alternative to other serums on the market
  • Easy mascara wand application
Key Ingredients

RED CLOVER EXTRACT & BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDE An anti-hair loss blend of ingredients, which work together to reduce hair loss by inhibiting DHT as well as anchoring proteins; it is has been clinically shown to help re-grow eyelashes.
SODIUM HYALURONATEA derivative if Hyaluronic acid, it has the ability to attract and bind water which helps to condition and plump up your lashes and brows to appear thicker and fuller.
CASTOR OIL Moisturises your eyelashes and eyebrows, making them appear thicker, glossier and with more luster.

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Hairburst Pregnancy Hair Vitamins
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This product really works, my lashes were quite fine before use. Now I have thicker lashes and my brows have thickened too. Very pleased with this and continue to use.

Colleen R

Really pleased with product. Eyelashes longer and brows thicker! My eyelashes had become short and straight and now longer with their curl back!

Linda M

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