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HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon

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Let this delicious blend of organic herbs and flowers give you a hug in a mug whenever you don't feel over the moon.  Designed for natural premenstrual support, this award-winning tea is crafted using botanicals to support happier periods.

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*femme do not endorse products, nor do we confirm their effectiveness; instead we recommend that you always seek advice from your GP (and your fertility clinic, especially if you are taking prescribed fertility medication) before product use*


Why you need it:

  • Natural Premenstrual Support: Over The Moon tea is specifically designed to offer natural support during the premenstrual phase, addressing common challenges such as PMS, PCOS, and endometriosis. Its blend of botanical ingredients targets symptoms such as cramping, bloating, and hormonal imbalance, providing relief and comfort when you need it most.
  • Holistic Body Support: Each ingredient in Over The Moon tea is carefully selected for its targeted benefits, aiming to support various aspects of female well-being and menstrual health.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from 100% natural ingredients and packaged in biodegradable pyramid tea bags, Over The Moon tea prioritises sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Why we love it:

  • Award-Winning Formula: Recognised for its excellence, Over The Moon tea won a bronze award at the 2023 Nourish Awards in the Best Tea & Coffee category. This accolade reflects the tea's effectiveness and quality, affirming its reputation as a trusted choice for natural premenstrual support.
  • Soothing Hug in a Mug: Crafted from a delicious blend of organic herbs and flowers, Over The Moon tea offers more than just physical relief—it provides a comforting and nurturing experience during challenging menstrual cycles.
  • Comprehensive Blend: Over The Moon tea features a thoughtfully curated blend of whole leaf raspberry leaf, chamomile flowers, ginkgo, spearmint, dandelion root, and rose petals, each chosen for its unique contributions to menstrual health. Whether you're dealing with cramps, mood swings, or bloating, this tea offers a holistic approach to menstrual support.

What is it (and why):

  • Premenstrual Support Tea: Its combination of botanical ingredients targets various aspects of menstrual health, offering relief from cramps, bloating, hormonal imbalance, and emotional distress.
  • Targeted Botanical Ingredients: Raspberry leaf acts as a uterine tonic, chamomile flowers reduce inflammation and cramping, and spearmint helps balance hormones. Dandelion root aids in reducing bloating, while rose petals offer antioxidant properties and further soothe cramps and PMS symptoms.
  • Sustainable and Ethical: Over The Moon tea is made from 100% natural ingredients and packaged in biodegradable pyramid tea bags, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.
how to use


  • Each pack contains 14 biodegradable pyramid tea bags, enough for 28 cups or more.
  • Each bag makes 2 cups of tea - leave the bag in if you like a stronger brew.
  • Each of our packs has simple instructions on it, but essentially you should use 1 tea bag per person, and freshly boiled water. This tea works best with 80-degree water (let your kettle sit for 5 minutes with the lid open after boiling). Brew for 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you like it.



Raspberry leaf, Chamomile flowers, Gingko Biloba, Spearmint, Dandelion root, Rose petals

HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon
HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon
HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon
HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon
HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon
HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon
HOTTEA MAMA Organic Over the Moon
  • 100% natural ingredients

  • 100% plastic free

  • Each pack contains 14 biodegradable pyramid tea bags

  • Gluten-free

I am honestly obsessed. I reached out for some advice and Bethan responded confirming Over The Moon tea would be a good option for my symptoms from endometriosis and adenomyosis. She also recommended a night time tea but I haven’t actually purchased that yet, I wanted to try one out first. I have been eating healthily as I would usually and I’ve been having the two cups of tea each day. I’ve finally been able to be comfortable enough to go about my daily life and get into the gym which was my happy place before I was diagnosed. I feel so much happier and positive for my future. Thank you so so much x

Annabelle De Lord

This tea is amazing. Highly recommend it. I have endometriosis and found it really helps. Taste great too. Lovely cuppa. Thank you so much.


I ordered the 'Over the moon' tea last week. I paid for next day delivery, unfortunately, the courier did not deliver on time. I contacted Hot Tea Mama who were brilliant. A special mention to Liz who replied to my query before ordering. They were apologetic, understanding and refunded the full cost of my delivery charge. The tea arrived the following day. I drink it before bed, it really is a 'hug in a mug'. I have slept better since and feel calmer. My period is late and my pms symptoms were out of control. This is helping soothe them. I hope it arrives soon, but now I have something to support me while I wait. Thank You.x


Just wanted to reach out and say that recently I stopped breastfeeding and within 3 days had my first period in over three years - I’ve been drinking the over the moon and final push, not consistently but enough it would seem (prior to stopping feeding I must add). I suffer with endometriosis so when I do have periods they are usually extremely painful and make me quite miserable, but, I’ve hardly had any pain with this bleed! The “normal” mild cramping, which previously I could have only dreamt of, and the only thing it can be is the tea?? Not sure which one cos I have all of your teas but guessing it’s these two that have worked their magic! Thankyou xx


I ordered this tea to help me regulate my mood in the week before my TOTM, regulate my cycle and ease cramps on the fist few days of my period. Since having my 2 girls, I have definitely suffered more and was looking for a natural option to help. This tea ticks all the boxes! I wasn't expecting it to taste so good. I could drink this tea all day long and an added bonus that I can usually make 3 cups of tea out of each bag!


Frequently asked

Can I drink this tea if I'm pregnant?

If you become pregnant whilst drinking this tea, it is recommended to stop. It contains raspberry leaf, which isn't recommended by the NHS until you are 32 weeks pregnant. This is because it stimulates and tones your uterine muscles. So you should wait until you are 32 weeks pregnant to drink, or alternatively move on to our The Final Push Raspberry Leaf tea which is perfect for birth preparation.

Should I only drink this tea when I have PMS or my period?

You absolutely can. But the benefits of herbal tea are believed to build up over time, and small scale studies that look at the benefits, all look at daily consumption for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. So it's recommended to drink Over The Moon regularly throughout the month. Have up to 3 cups a day. (Each tea pyramid can be brewed twice)

Can this tea support TTC?

There's limited research done into tea and how it can support you when TTC. However, many of the ingredients of this tea have been used traditionally to support fertility. It's recommended with raspberry leaf in particular, so time when you drink the tea. Raspberry leaf is 35% of this blend and will impact your uterine muscles - toning and strengthening them. Therefore, when TTC, you should only drink it when you're on your period, and you should stop once you're due to ovulate. This will allow the raspberry leaf to strengthen your uterine muscles and hopefully help, but it will not be affecting you at the key moment.



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