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London Medical Laboratory Testosterone Check

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Check your Testosterone levels. In adult males Testosterone is the hormone responsible for controlling sex drive, maintaining muscle mass and producing sperm. 

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Why you need it:

  • This home test is essential for monitoring testosterone levels, a key hormone in males that plays a crucial role in sexual health. Understanding testosterone levels can provide insights into libido, reproductive health, and overall sexual well-being.
  • Testosterone is vital for maintaining muscle mass, and imbalances in its levels can impact physical strength and development. Regular testing allows individuals, particularly those experiencing symptoms like muscle loss, to assess and address potential hormonal imbalances.
  • This testosterone test serves as a diagnostic tool for various men's health issues, including erectile dysfunction and infertility. By identifying testosterone-related issues early, individuals can seek appropriate medical intervention and improve their overall health.

Why we love it:

  • We appreciate the emphasis on hormones as crucial regulators of various bodily functions. It recognises the importance of hormones beyond testosterone, highlighting their role in growth, metabolism, appetite, and fertility. This holistic perspective aligns with a comprehensive approach to health.
  • The detailed explanation of testosterone's role, from puberty-related effects to its influence on sexual drive and muscle maintenance, demonstrates a commitment to educating individuals about their health. Informed patients are better equipped to make proactive health decisions.
  • The availability of a home test for testosterone levels enhances accessibility and convenience. We applaud initiatives that empower individuals to take charge of their health from the comfort of their homes, contributing to proactive health management.

What is it (and why):

  • The test focuses on monitoring testosterone levels, a steroid hormone produced in the testes and adrenal glands. Testosterone's critical roles in sexual health, muscle maintenance, and overall well-being underscore the importance of regular monitoring.
  • The mention of hormone imbalances or deficiencies as potential culprits for various symptoms emphasises the diagnostic value of hormone testing.
  • The test serves as a diagnostic tool specifically tailored to men's health concerns, such as erectile dysfunction and infertility. This targeted approach ensures that the test aligns with common health issues faced by men.
how to use


Whether you use a home test or have your sample taken with one of our trained phlebotomists, our blood tests are quick and easy to use.

Take the test

At home, or in one of our testing locations.

Send us your sample

We provide pre-paid postage for our at home tests.

Receive your results

We provide a secure link to your doctor validated personal results.



Your test kit contains easy to follow instructions on how to take your own finger blood sample.

London Medical Laboratory Testosterone Check
London Medical Laboratory Testosterone Check
London Medical Laboratory Testosterone Check
  • At-home sampling

  • Checks levels of testosterone

A very useful and prompt service

For the first time, I recently used one of the blood test services as was feeling a little fatigued and just not quite myself with a lower sex drive. I had heard that low testosterone at my age was fairly common. I ordered and received the kit very promptly. I guess my only issue was the time taken by me to fill a couple of tubes with blood. Eventually once filled, I returned my samples and received very quickly an email with my results which were clear and normal. A very good service that gave me some peace of mind and which I would strongly recommend.


I have no complaints or any doubts in my mind of the service they provide.

Patrick Solomon

Frequently asked

Do i have to fast for my test?

If you are having cholesterol tests as part of your profile you may want to fast for 8 hours prior to your test - particularly if you have had a previous high level. It is not essential though, as your results will still give useful health information whether you have fasted or not. Fasting entails not eating or drinking anything except for water.
You do not need to fast for all other tests.

Do I need to prepare for my test in any way?

If you take blood thinning medication please tell the phlebotomist before your test.
Please drink water and keep hydrated before your appointment.

How do i finger prick sample myself?

Your test kit contains easy to follow instructions on how to take your own finger blood sample.

When will i get my results?

You will receive your results on the day after London Medical Laboratory receive your sample in their laboratory. They run a 24/7 laboratory operation and test all samples as quickly as possible after receiving them which enables their team of in-house GPs to review and communicate your results in the fastest possible time frame. If you need your results urgently they would recommend booking an in-store appointment or a mobile phlebotomist as this will guarantee your sample reaches the laboratory that same day. For the return of postal kits they use the Royal Mail 1st Class Tracked service which normally delivers on the next working day (Monday-Friday) however as with any postal service there is the possibility of delays. In the unlikely event that your sample requires retesting, this may delay the delivery of your result.

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