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DAME Organic Cotton Tampons

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Made using 100% certified organic cotton, free from toxins and plastic. The benefits can include lighter, shorter, or less painful periods, and less vaginal and vulva irritation.

Quantity: 14 tampons


Why you need it:

  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton, these tampons are free from toxins and plastic, providing a healthier and safer option for menstrual hygiene.
  • The package includes 6 packs of 34 tampons each, providing a year's worth of supply for a typical menstrual cycle. This convenience ensures that you won't run out, offering peace of mind and practicality in managing your period.
  • Free from pesticides, plastic, bleach, super-absorbents, colouring, and harsh chemicals, these tampons prioritise your health and the environment.

Why we love it:

  • The use of 100% certified organic cotton guarantees a pure and natural material for the tampons. This commitment to organic sourcing aligns with a dedication to providing a clean and sustainable option for menstrual care.
  • Many customers report positive changes in their periods within 60 days of switching to these organic tampons. Lighter, shorter, and less painful periods contribute to an enhanced user experience.
  • The tampons work seamlessly with a reusable applicator, offering an additional layer of convenience and sustainability to your menstrual care routine. The reusable applicator, designed to be easy to use and clean, complements the organic tampons effectively.

What is it (and why):

  • The tampons are made using 100% certified organic cotton, emphasising a commitment to natural and eco-friendly materials. This choice ensures that what comes into contact with your body is free from harmful substances commonly found in conventional tampons.
  • The statement "What's in your tampon, is in you" underscores the importance of considering the materials used in menstrual products. DAME focuses on delivering an approach to menstrual health, emphasising the impact of tampon composition on the body.
how to use


Works well with the tampon applicator:



Made using 100% certified organic cotton, free from toxins and plastic.

DAME Organic Cotton Tampons
DAME Organic Cotton Tampons
DAME Organic Cotton Tampons
DAME Organic Cotton Tampons
DAME Organic Cotton Tampons
DAME Organic Cotton Tampons
  • 100% GOTs certified organic cotton

  • Plastic free

  • No toxins

  • Hypoallergenic

Very flexible.


Waste free, beautiful, easy to use after a few goes.

Georgia S

Great idea, very manageable.


Nice packaging, good product, good comms.


Sustainable products.


Frequently asked

What are DAME tampons made from?

100% natural organic cotton, that's it. No plastic cover. No synthetics. No harsh chemicals.

DAMEs tampons are made to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 which means they’ve been proven not to contain known harmful chemicals regulated by REACH and tested for per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS).

How are DAME tampons better for my body?

The average woman uses 12,000 tampons in her lifetime. That's a tampon inside your vagina for a total of 7.5 years.

Most tampons are made from synthetic fibres, plastics, and treated with harsh chemicals. DAME think it’s time to be honest about what goes into women’s bodies, so they make their tampons with nothing but organic cotton.

What are DAME tampon wrappers made from?

DAME organic cotton tampons are wrapped in cellophane, a material derived from plant cellulose. Unlike man-made plastic polymers, which are largely derived from petroleum, cellophane is natural. Originating from a natural source means it can biodegrade with the help of microorganisms in the soil, just like plants and leaves.

The cellophane used to wrap the tampons is ‘OK Compost’ home compostability certified and will biodegrade within 2-4 months or 1 month if it ends up in freshwater conditions.

What tampon absorbencies does DAME offer?

DAME offer different absorbencies of tampon:

Regular tampons, which absorb 6-9ml of blood (good for most days of your period)

Super tampons, which absorb 9-12ml of blood (extra absorption for heavier days)

Make sure to always use a tampon with the minimum absorbency to match your flow.

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