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Secret Saviours

Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel

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The day gel has been scientifically formulated to keep the Derma Dot™ pads in place, supporting them as they get on with their job of equalising skin pressure and blocking the path of stretch marks as they try to tear.

Blended with Centella Asiatica to increase collagen content, whilst protecting and strengthening your skin, the gel has a wonderful zesty fragrance that will leave you feeling refreshed each day


Why you need it:

  • The day gel is an indispensable component in preventing stretch marks, as it is specifically formulated to keep the Derma Dot™ pads securely in place. This adherence is crucial for the pads to effectively equalise skin pressure and impede the formation of stretch marks.
  • Scientific precision is applied to the formulation, ensuring a tacky consistency that aids in the adhesion of Derma Dot™ pads. This consistency is key to the gel's role in maintaining the pads' proper positioning, optimising their performance.
  • The day gel is created with the explicit purpose of preventing pregnancy itching. By addressing this common discomfort, it contributes to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for expectant mothers.

Why we love it:

  • We appreciate the day gel's scientific formulation, designed with precision to fulfil a specific role in the prevention of stretch marks. Its focus on maintaining the effectiveness of Derma Dot™ pads reflects a commitment to delivering tangible results.
  • The inclusion of Centella asiatica in the formulation adds a layer of care for the skin. Renowned for boosting collagen content, Centella asiatica strengthens and protects the skin, aligning with the overall goal of preventing stretch marks.
  • The delightful zesty fragrance of the day gel enhances the overall user experience. Beyond its functional benefits, the refreshing scent contributes to a positive and invigorating feeling, making it a pleasure to incorporate into daily skincare routines.

What's inside (and why):

  • The day gel is enriched with Centella asiatica, a botanical ingredient chosen for its collagen-boosting properties. This infusion is intentional, aiming to fortify the skin and enhance its ability to resist stretching, thereby aiding in the prevention of stretch marks.
  • The tacky consistency of the day gel is purposeful, serving as a vehicle to keep the Derma Dot™ pads securely in place. This consistency ensures the pads effectively execute their role in equalising skin pressure and obstructing the development of stretch marks.
  • Beyond its functional aspects, the zesty fragrance is incorporated to elevate the user experience. It adds a refreshing and pleasant element to the day gel, making the daily skincare routine more enjoyable for expectant mothers.
how to use


One 50p-sized amount is sufficient to cover the area the size of your bump.

Intended for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of young children. Discontinue use if local irritation or rash occurs. Do not use with any other oil, cream or gel as these may damage the pads and make the stretch mark preventionwear ineffective.



Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Panthenol, Allantoin, Polysorbate 20, Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum (Fragrance), Tocopheryl Acetate, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Limonene, Citronellol, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral.

No nasties. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenically tested, ethically sourced.

Contains NO parabens, P.A.B.A, D.E.A, T.E.A., sulphates, animal ingredients, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, glycols, silicones, petroleum or paraffin and is not tested on animals

Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel
Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel
Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel
Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel
Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel
Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel
Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Day Gel
  • Derma Dot™ tech

  • Targeted support

  • Clinically proven

Smells amazing and gel felt very cooling on my bump during last summer's heatwave. Used from 4 months of pregnancy and have no stretch marks. I note that I have the exact same skin as my mum who had four pregnancies and never developed any stretch marks so it could possibly be genetic. But I didn't want to risk getting them when Saviours does seem to work for so many people!

Elva C

Cream has a lovely scent and Great results.

Patricia V

Best product in the market. I used it during my two pregnancies, one being twins and the skin on me stomach is perfect! I don't have a single stretch mark. I have recommended it to all my friends as it is literally a life saviour!

Pamela B

I used both day and night cream with the belly band from my 1st trimester and it worked! No stretch marks!

Janet H

I purchased the Stretch Mark Prevention Band Kit and used the band, day gel and night cream on a daily basis for the whole of my pregnancy. I purchased several of the day gel and night cream as I did not use it sparingly. As a result, I do not have a single stretch mark. I have attached a photograph taken today, I am 3 weeks 3 days postpartum. Every expectant mum needs to know that stretch marks are not an inevitable part of pregnancy; with a few simple and safe products, they can be avoided!

Emer B

Frequently asked

How does Secret Saviours work?

Three amazing products, a Stretch Mark Prevention Band, Day Gel and Night Cream combine to become the world’s first scientifically proven 3-step stretch mark prevention system.

The first step is the application of The Day Gel, made from a luxurious blend of ethically sourced, scientifically proven ingredients. This soothing Gel has been formulated to keep the unique pads on the Band in place.

The next step is to pull on the Stretch Mark Band, tacky pads facing inwards, which has been designed to provide bump support throughout the day. It’s special pads are arranged in a unique way to hold your skin in place and even out stresses across the tummy, making it harder for stretch marks to form.

The band fits snugly over and under your bump and the pads should leave a light impression on your skin – that means it’s working!

Step three is the removal of The Stretch Mark Prevention Band before bed and the application of The Night Cream to ensure your skin remains well moisturised, soft, smooth and supple.

How are these products different from existing Stretch Mark Prevention Bands, gels and creams?

Secret Saviours is the only scientifically proven system shown to prevent stretch marks forming in up to 70% of women. No other stretch mark prevention products anywhere on the market have had these proven outstanding results.

Creams and gels alone do not prevent stretch marks.

I have itchy skin on my bump. What do I do?

Itching skin is common in pregnancy. If you find you are itchy, first remove the Stretch Mark Prevention Band for 10-15 minutes and re-apply The Day Gel two or three times further throughout the day. This should help soothe your skin. If irritation persists, seek medical advice

Where are the products made?

The Day Gel and Night Cream are made in the UK. Both are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and use only ethically sourced ingredients. They are also paraben free.

If I'm already beginning to get stretch marks, is it too late for me to start using Secret Saviours?

It’s never too late to start using the products and preventing the stretch marks from escalating, even if you’re in your last few weeks of pregnancy. Secret Saviours may stop them from forming further.

Will Secret Saviours get rid of exiting stretch marks?

Nothing completely gets rid of stretch marks once they’ve formed, apart from cosmetic surgery. Prevention in the first place using Secret Saviours is far preferable. However, using Secret Saviours Day Gel and Night Cream may help reduce the appearance of existing ones.

If I got stretch marks with my previous pregnancy/pregnancies, will Secret Saviours be able to prevent them, when I am pregnant again?

Yes, there is every chance that new and additional stretch marks can be prevented using the products and if you do get some new ones, they are very likely to be significantly reduced in both number and overall appearance

I used Secret Saviours and I still got stretch marks.

During the clinical trial of the 3-Step Secret Saviours system, the incidence of stretch marks occurring during pregnancy dropped from 70% down to just 30%.

Unfortunately, there will still be some instances where the mechanical support of the patented pads, cannot wholly prevent stretch marks occurring in a small percentage of women, and we are sorry that this has happened to you - this is unlikely to be a comfort, but using the product will almost certainly have reduced the number and severity of those stretch marks.

Can I just use the Day gel/Night cream and not the Stretch mark prevention band? Or the Stretch Mark prevention band without the Day gel/Night cream?

No. For your best chance of avoiding stretch marks, you must use all three products together as directed, as they each have a role to play in the prevention.

The Stretch Mark Prevention Band, Day Gel and Night Cream are available to purchase separately, but this should only be an option if you run out of gel or cream, or if you require an extra band/bands.

Are the creams safe to use in pregnancy?

Secret Saviours product has been created and designed by Medical Experts (a vascular surgeon and a skin tissue engineer) in conjunction with UCLH (University College London Hospital) and all ingredients are safe for use in pregnancy. Their product has been clinically trialled (and proven), is dermatologically tested and is also hypo allergenic.

They do have to have some chemicals in their product otherwise The Day Gel and The Night Cream would have no shelf life, but they are in extremely small doses and neither the Day Gel or Night cream are absorbed into the blood stream.

I have an existing scar from a previous Caesarean section - can I use the Day gel and Night cream on it?

Yes, both Secret Saviours Day Gel and Night Cream are perfectly safe for you to use on C-section scars as they contain soothing ingredients which are proven to help heal wounds.

Is it safe to use Phenoxyethanol in pregnancy?

Secret Saviours product has been created and designed by Medical Experts and all their ingredients are safe for use in pregnancy. Phenoxyethanol is used in a very low concentration (less than 0.5%) - to preserve our product - without it The Day Gel and The Night Cream would have no shelf life. Neither are absorbed into the blood stream and therefore pose no risk to you or your baby.

Secret Saviours are aware that the FDA in 2008 did issue a warning regarding Phenoxyethanol, but it was specifically related to a Nipple Cream because it can be harmful to nursing infants. This is because infants were being exposed to this product as a food, because they were putting their mouth on their mother’s breast and potentially injesting the product. There is no mention in the FDA warning about any danger to the mother by rubbing the nipple cream on their skin.

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