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femme health is revolutionising fertility health, providing support for women from their first period to the menopause and beyond. Amy Hart, an advocate for fertility awareness and wellness, shares her insights on the evolving landscape of fertility and women’s health and her partnership with femme health. As a brand ambassador, Amy sheds light on the importance of accessible resources, equitable support, and empowering women through their individual fertility paths. Her experiences and alignment with femme health's mission provide a compelling perspective on the dynamic landscape of women’s health.

  • femme health: "Amy, you’ve expressed interest in femme health's broader approach to supporting women's fertility journeys. Have you considered any changes in your approach, given the diverse product offerings available on femme?"

    Amy: "Oh, absolutely! I'm constantly amazed by the range femme health offers. It's a refreshing change from endless social media scrolling. I'm eyeing a switch to organic period products and gearing up for baby number two once that wedding band is on. Researching fertility supplements is high on my list."

  • femme health: "What's your take on the regional discrepancies in the UK regarding women's access to fertility grants?"

    Amy: "The postcode lottery for fertility grants is a topic I've been passionate about. It's wildly unfair. Aligning with femme health as an Ambassador was a no-brainer; we share the vision of equitable provision for fertility grants across the UK. femme's collaboration with the Fertility Foundation and their pledge to donate part of their marketing income is commendable."

  • femme health: "You've shared your hope for a second baby after the wedding. Now, as a brand ambassador for femme health, will your preparation for trying to conceive differ this time around compared with Stanley?" 

    Amy: "Before femme health, navigating this realm was like juggling a dozen tabs on my computer. I’m a bit of a research nerd and having everything in one place now removes the stress. Exploring supplements, products, and expert advice is so convenient. The site's articles and expert panel are invaluable."

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