We are proud to introduce The Fertility Foundation as one of femme health's long-term charity partners. Together, we share a dedication to providing comprehensive support and resources to individuals navigating the complexities of fertility.

A central aspect of the Foundation's advocacy is to simplify access to NHS-funded IVF treatments. They are particularly focused on ensuring that same-sex couples and single women encounter fewer obstacles in their journey to parenthood.

Beyond providing grants, The Fertility Foundation serves as a pillar of support, offering guidance, resources and a listening ear to those undergoing fertility treatment.

The reason as to why femme have teamed up with the fertility foundation is not only because they love what they are doing for the TTC community but because one of femmes core values is that we advocate for consistent and equitable provision of fertility grants and support throughout the uk.

In conversation

with founder Tone Jarvis-Mack

What is The Fertility Foundation?

Our aim is simple; to help as many people as possible start or extend their families.

Why have you teamed up with femme health?

Just like femme health everything we do is focused on trying to give couples and individuals whom we work with the best chance of realising their dream of becoming parents.

Does The Fertility Foundation only provide financial support for IVF treatments?

No, the foundation is more than just an IVF funding charity. We also run educational events across the UK and assist with challenges related to sperm or egg donation, surrogacy, and other issues.