femme health deeply admires and resonates with Mira's innovative approach to addressing the unmet needs of individuals navigating fertility journeys. Mira's origin story, as shared by Co-founder and CEO Sylvia Kang, reflects a profound understanding of the challenges faced by women in their pursuit of parenthood. The commitment to scientific precision and personalised insights sets Mira apart in the realm of fertility monitoring. femme health appreciates Mira's dedication to empowering women with lab-grade accuracy, non-invasive methods, and numerical fertility scores—an unparalleled feature that provides unparalleled visibility into hormone and fertility levels. Mira's mission aligns seamlessly with femme health's values, as both brands strive to redefine reproductive health, offering not just solutions but genuine support, understanding, and peace of mind to individuals navigating the intricate landscape of fertility.

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Can you tell us your brand about it's incredible background and story?

Our brand name is Mira. Here is the backstory from our Co-founder and CEO, Sylvia Kang:

As a young scientist, I was surrounded by very determined women, much like myself. Most of us were focused on our careers, so we decided to start our families later in life. But once we got to this stage, we were met with stigma and lack of information about our bodies—creating a lot of anxiety. 

Sooner rather than later, I noticed a big gap between trying to conceive tools available on the market and the real needs of people trying to reach our parenting goals. With 80% of people with hormone imbalances and up to 30% of couples diagnosed with unexplained infertility—it just didn’t add up. 

Through scientific research and speaking to my friends about their experiences, I quickly discovered OPKs weren’t helping either, especially if someone had to go through IVF/IUI. These methods only add guesswork and uncertainty—even though they promised otherwise. 

I created Mira because people's fertility journeys deserve accuracy and peace of mind. Mira offers lab-grade precision, is non-invasive, personalises your results, and helps you save tons on out-of-pocket costs for fertility treatments. 

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  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?  

    What makes Mira different from our competitors is that we are the only hormone monitor that offers numerical fertility scores, giving women the greatest insight into their hormone- and fertility levels throughout their cycles. 

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?  

    For the future, we are exploring opportunities in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) monitoring, early pregnancy tracking, and personalised fertility plans. We also plan to grow our brand in the integrative and functional medicine space. 

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?  

    Our mission is to empower women to take a more holistic approach to their reproductive health. 

Easy to use. Gives you every thing to succeed to pregnancy! Just a few minutes a day and you get results right to your phone!

Elizabeth R

Mira was quick, professional and had excellent customer serve when I needed troubleshooting.

I have only used Mira one month but was easily able to see and clarify that I had my ovulation window incorrect!

Ashleah G

After a couple months TTC, we got pregnant the first cycle using Mira. Unfortunately, I miscarried a few weeks later. For the next several cycles after that, I was not seeing my progesterone rising after LH spikes, so I went to my OB who - based on the data Mira had collected - agreed that it looked like I wasn’t ovulating and recommended Clomid.Read more about review stating I owe my family to Mira

One cycle in (and using Mira to ensure it was working) and we are now 10 weeks pregnant… this time with twins! Thank you, Mira for saving me so much time and stress in this TTC journey!

Makenna P

Mira is so wonderful. It puts your numbers right in your hands. It is worth every penny.


I was using OPK dip sticks and never able to make sense of the results. This is my first cycle testing and I am learning so much more about my cycle and it’s motivated me to learn even more about reproductive health.

Marianne K