femme wholeheartedly loves Proov for its exceptional dedication to empowering women on their fertility journeys. Stemming from Dr. Amy Beckley's personal experience with infertility, Proov stands out by offering a ground-breaking, FDA-cleared test, Proov Confirm, addressing hormonal imbalances, particularly low progesterone levels, essential for conception.

  • What makes your brand stand out from competitors?

    Proov distinguishes itself by offering the first and only FDA-cleared test to confirm ovulation within the implantation window, and the only non-invasive home test measuring all essential cycle hormones. Moreover, our CE mark for PdG, LH, HCG, and FSH tests, coupled with the free Insight App for smartphones and integration with physician care, sets us apart. We understand our customers' need for actionable results and offer a comprehensive solution and exceptional customer care throughout their fertility journey.

  • What is the mission that drives your brand?

    At Proov, our mission is to bridge the gap in fertility treatments by offering women the means to detect common hormonal issues like insufficient Progesterone production during the cycle, a key factor in getting and staying pregnant. Our product, Proov Confirm, is a non-invasive and cost-effective method using a patented test and protocol to empower women with crucial information about their cycle health and fertility.

  • Could you share with us the remarkable background storyof your brand and its name?

    Our brand, Proov, stemmed from Dr. Amy Beckley's personal journey. After experiencing numerous miscarriages and a diagnosis of "unexplained" infertility, she delved into research and discovered her low Progesterone levels. This led her to develop a test that aims to 'explain the unexplained'. In 2016, MFB Fertility (My Fabulous Basement) was founded in Amy's basement, launching the first PdG test prototype through a successful $45K crowd-funding campaign within 48 hours. To date, Proov has assisted countless women in understanding their hormonal cycles and realising their pregnancy goals.

How does your brand plan to evolve in the future?

While our flagship product focuses on fertility, we recognise that women's health spans far beyond conception. We aim to expand towards women's hormonal health from puberty to menopause and beyond. By enabling women to understand their bodies and optimise their hormonal balance throughout their lives, we strive to provide an invaluable resource for women's overall wellbeing.

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Proov provides

  • The first an only FDA cleared test to confirm ovulation across the implantation window

  • The first and only non-invasive home test to measure all key cycle hormones

  • CE mark for PdG, LH, HCG, and FSH tests

  • A free insight app for smartphones with no alternative device needed

As seen in

"I did not know what to expect with Proov, but I was thrilled with the results. I was able to see insights into my husband's and my fertility, and the multi hormone tests identified my real peak for ovulation. I actually ovulated two days earlier than my other strips said. I am now 5 weeks pregnant, and thrilled that it was such a success with the first cycle! Thank you Proov!"

Kendall B

"Five stars don't do justice to what Proov has done for me. After 1.5 years of trying to conceive and a heartbreaking miscarriage, Proov changed everything. In just one cycle, it provided invaluable insights into my fertility, making the journey more manageable and empowering. Proov's data-driven approach gave me a newfound understanding of my body's rhythms, helping me make informed decisions about the best times to conceive. Beyond the data, it offered emotional support, boosting my confidence and renewing my hope. Thanks to Proov, I'm now expecting my long-awaited baby. If you're on a similar journey, I can't recommend Proov enough. It's a lifeline for those navigating infertility, turning dreams into reality. Thank you, Proov, for being my beacon of hope"

Alex B

"I was TCC 4 months and wanted to learn more about what could be going on, as I had a regular cycle with no concerns. During 5th cycle, I had an ovulation score of 50, so my progesterone wasn't high enough. I couldn't order this product because I am Canada and it won't ship it. But, I took results to my naturopath and she also recommend chasetree (vitex) 1000mg a day to help with progesterone levels and maca and ashwagandha. So the next cycle using these (month 6 ttc) I got an ovulation score of 100, my levels went up!.... A week later a did a pregnancy test and got my BFP! If it weren't for this I wouldn't have known that my ovulation wasn't as strong as it needed to be! THANK YOU PROOV!"


"I've been ttc for over 2 years. My husband and I agreed that we would try naturally for as long as possible before any intervention. After 2 years, 1 miscarriage, and 1 chemical pregnancy, i decided to try Proov to help me understand my body a little more. After 1 cycle of using Proov, I became pregnant! It's amazing how understanding your body a little more can really help you achieve your goals!"

Enrica C

"I absolutely love these PdG tests and I'm so thankful that I found them! I had been ttc for a few years and never thought to start looking into my progesterone! Lo and behold these tests helped me realized there was in fact something wrong! I took the data these tests provided me to my doctor and with that we have a new treatment protocol! Don't hesitate, get these tests!"