femme health admires Silex's dedication as a premium diagnostic self-test brand, inspired by a deeply personal experience. The founder's poignant story, driven by the desire to empower individuals after experiencing a loved one's missed opportunity for earlier detection, led to the creation of the Silex range. In a post-pandemic society where self-testing is increasingly embraced, Silex stands out by providing accurate, instant self-tests, granting people the ability to take charge of their health with confidence.

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Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Silex is a premium diagnostic self-test brand that was born out of personal experience to the owner who sadly a family member that would've been aided by the earlier detection of their condition. With an increasing willingness to self-test in society post Covid pandemic, the Silex range was born out of this and empowering people to take control of their health with accurate and instant self-tests.

What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

Silex’s mission is to make high quality healthcare testing kits affordable and available for as many people as possible. We provide consumers an opportunity to monitor health and wellness outside of a clinic or hospital setting, and to seek medical advice and treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    The Silex range and customer journey is a comprehensive tool that is market leading for its type and takes customers on a full journey from start to finish. It is equipped with NHS professional aftercare for all tests which separates the range from competitors and general advice.

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

    Silex aims to be at the forefront for new self-tests that are available for consumers and continue to allow individuals to have a range of options they can administer in the comfort of their own home.