femme health adores sitre, the Danish brand redefining sexual wellness and intimacy essentials with a nurturing touch. Cecilie & Julie, the co-founders, were driven by a shared frustration—realising the products used for intimacy didn't make them feel confident or good. This sparked the birth of sitre, a brand devoted to rewriting the narrative around sexual wellness with caring ingredients and a mission to create a new language centered on honesty, inclusivity, and nurturing both body and mind during intimate moments. Their dedication to respectful intimacy aligns with their mission to empower everyone to lead fulfilling sex lives with products that are body-friendly and planet-conscious. What sets sitre apart is their commitment to a holistic approach, collaborating with health professionals to offer wellness-oriented intimate care products while fostering honest conversations through their editorial platform and social media presence. Their pillars of care, honesty, inclusivity, and sustainability form the backbone of a brand poised for global expansion and continual innovation in sex wellness.

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Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Meet sitre, a Danish brand dedicated to bring wellness at the heart of sexual intimacy. Our aim is to create a new language around sexual wellness through intimacy essentials made with caring ingredients. We're writing a new chapter for sexual wellness; one that's honest, inclusive and nurturing for both mind and body. We - Cecilie & Julie, the two co-founders - founded sitre as we were puzzled as to why the products we use for sex made us feel the opposite of confident, sexy and good. The deeper we dug, the more we realised the products on the market were lacking in quality of ingredients and formulations. We decided it was time to launch a new generation of sexual wellness where pleasure is seen as caring and kind. sitre is the Danish word for the nice, tingling feeling you can get from things that feels good, including sex and intimacy.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    Sex and intimacy is so important for our wellbeing, so we're motivated to give it the respect that it deserves. We want to empower everyone to lead better sex lives through products that actually makes you feel good, and which are better for the body and our planet. We also want to be there for people in more vulnerable parts of their lives e.g. while trying to conceive, during pregnancy, menopause. And for those who are dealing with pain in their intimate areas, and help them feel less wrong, by offering products that feels like a wellness product rather than a medical product. That's why we're also working together with gynecologists, osteorpaths, midwives, sexologist and other health professionals, who are recommending our products for care, pain relief and also for intimate moments. They love us for our safe, allergy-friendly and natural products and the visual experience of it. We're also on a mission to have more honest intimate chats. Our editorial platform, feelsitre.com, and Instagram @feelsitre bring honest conversations about intimacy to the forefront. We interview important voices about their relationship to pleasure and we've been lucky enough that so many people have opened up. This has led to a beloved community with inclusive stories around pleasure, the body, pregnancy, motherhood, sexuality and everything in-between.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    We believe intimacy is wellness and are pioneering in creating a high-end chapter for it. The core pillars that our brand is based on, is also what sets us apart. sitre stands for: Care. Our products focus on high quality ingredients to make products that are not only functional, but doubles up as incredible body care products and that adds wellness to your intimate moments. Honesty. We work with the leading experts in Denmark, who have pioneered clean beauty. Our products are made with no toxic ingredients. They're allergy-friendly, fragrance-free, 100% vegan and safe to use at all time - also while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Inclusivity. Our visual world, language and community ensure everyone feels included - and that our products can stand out on your night stand. It is something we're very often complimented for by the media, influencers, opinion leaders and our customers. Sustainability. Our products are manufactured at the first ever factory to be certified in all UN's 17 sustainable development goal. This mean they are constantly working hard to find the most sustainable ingredients and alternatives.

  • How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the future?

    Our ambition is to be a global brand, that's leads the way in terms of expanding what sex wellness is, through innovative products, conversation and experiences. We already have a pipeline of new products, and ideas for never-seen-before products presentations and experiences.

"we’ll never use another lube now because sitre is a cut above. it’s smooth and feels good and lasts longer. and it doesn’t make you feel sticky or like you immediately need to shower it off. better ingredients, totally worth it. and lovely packaging too!"


"everything feels very vulnerable after giving birth, so we use sitre's gel every time as it's just more nice - and we love it as it isn't sticky"


"I love shower care's texture. it's not too thick or thin and it feels smooth on the skin. the texture has definitely inspired exploring. and to get to know your body is such an important exercise - so this help has been really nice"