femme health adores Vida Glow for its extraordinary commitment to revolutionising beauty from within. Founded by Anna Lahey, Vida Glow emerged from Anna's personal journey battling hair loss and discovering the transformative potential of marine collagen. Her quest for genuine, lasting solutions led her to launch Vida Glow in 2014, driven by a passion for unlocking the power of ingestible beauty. What sets Vida Glow apart is its unwavering dedication to scientific innovation and clinical research, crafting ingestible solutions that address modern beauty concerns at their core. Their unique approach begins by deeply understanding these concerns, sourcing clinically-backed actives, and optimising delivery methods for maximum efficacy. This commitment to science-backed formulations and convenience, ensuring easy integration into busy lifestyles, defines Vida Glow's unparalleled edge. Looking ahead, Vida Glow continues to pioneer new frontiers in ingestible beauty, focusing on innovative product development, customer-centric solutions, and expanding into areas such as women's health, addressing diverse needs like menopause and sleep support. Vida Glow's steadfast commitment to delivering visible, tangible results through science-driven beauty sets a remarkable standard in the wellness industry.

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Can you tell us your brand name and about it's incredible background and story?

Anna Lahey is Vida Glow’s Founder and the face behind the brand’s commitment to real results from ingestible beauty.
After personally suffering from hair loss, and finding no long-term solution, Anna discovered marine collagen while travelling overseas and experienced first-hand the results of collagen supplementation.

Anna studied the clinical data to support the results she was seeing, and was compelled to share the power of ingestible beauty. In 2014 she launched Vida Glow. "Vida Glow is, quite simply, my passion. Everything from the brand's beginnings it's philosophy and scientific innovation reflect my personal drive for helping people discover real results." With her dedication to clinically proven results and a bidirectional beauty philosophy, Anna is a true innovator – and is driving the possibilities of ingestible beauty further, one product at a time.

  • What is your mission and motivation that guides your brand?

    To continue to lead the wellness industry with clinically proven ingestible beauty for real, visible results. Vida Glow targets modern beauty concerns with scientifically formulated ingestible solutions. This is beauty at its most potent, from the inside out.

    How does your brand plan to grow and evolve in the

    Vida Glow focuses on new product innovations, listening to our customers and investing in research to deliver products that work, and that people understand. As the global number one marine collagen brand, we’re taking charge to revolutionise the category with a compelling innovation
    pipeline that signifies the power of ingestible health and beauty. We are also planning to scale our Women’s Health offering finding solutions for all stages of the female experience including menopause and sleep support.

  • What sets your brand apart from competitors?

    Our approach is truly unique. Each new product development starts with identifying key beauty concerns for women – like skin ageing or hair loss – and solidifying a complete understanding of their key causes. We then look at how we can most effectively and efficiently target these concerns with ingestibles. Sourcing innovative, clinically-backed actives and etermining the best delivery methods to maximise each ingestible formula’s efficacy. By extending our science-first lens to every step of the process, we treat concerns from the inside out for visible results. Vida Glow prioritises clinical studies and third-party testing – this level of research is not a equirement for sale, but Vida Glow prides itself on delivering efficacious products to our consumers that are backed by science and proven to work.
    Add to this the level on convenience our products deliver to busy modern lives. We want to make it easy for our customers to supplement their beauty and health routines. Our on-the-go doses are designed to be taken anywhere, at any time. Simply add water.

I tried other, less expensive marine collagens because I can’t always afford Vida Glow, but all of them have paled in comparison. Most barely dissolve and they’re usually cheaper because they have less product. No cream or treatment has done for my skin what Vida Glow has and I will continue to keep using it.

Helen Kametas

I've used vida glow marine collagen for years and was excited to try the new beauty powders. I ordered beauty greens and have already noticed a difference! I have more energy and I'm not experiencing my usual caffeine crash mid-afternoon. I will continue to order and look forward to trying all the new beauty powders!

Courtney Yelovich

I have been using Vidaglow for over a year now. I I originally started using Vidaglow to help with my knees as I was training for a half marathon. I was able to complete the half marathon without the aid of a knee brace. In addition, my hair, nails and skin are absolutely glowing. I look at least 10 ears younger than I actually am. Which is all fantastic. However, it was with great surprise after my most recent dental visit that the Dentist told me how great my teeth and gums were looking. I believe that was also a benefit from my daily Vidaglow routine.


I have been using Vida Glow marine collagen packets for a couple years now. The internal support it offers my hair and skins is incredible. Vida Glow's customer service is commendable as well. Now that the Beauty powders are out, this just adds to the satisfaction of the company. I will make my way through all the flavours. :) Stoked on finding you all!

Audrey Blocker

I really enjoy this collagen supplement. I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin, hair and nails. Also -- the I have the unflavoured version and barely notice it in my morning coffee. 5 stars for Vida Glow <3

Amber Davis