Introducing Amy Hart: A Conversation on Ambassadorship, Fertility and Women's Wellness

Introducing Amy Hart: A Conversation on Ambassadorship, Fertility and Women's Wellness

In a compelling interview, Amy Hart, femme health's new brand ambassador, shares her perspectives on fertility and women's health. She lauds femme health for its product range and support system, emphasizing the need for equitable fertility grant access across the UK. Amy advises those on their fertility journey to seek comprehensive information and emotional support, highlighting the supportive community that femme health offers.

Written by femme health


At femme health, we're committed to transforming fertility and women's health care. We believe in supporting women from the very start of their menstrual journey through to menopause and beyond. It's with great excitement that we introduce Amy Hart, our new brand ambassador. An outspoken advocate for fertility awareness and women's wellness, Amy shares her insights into the ever-changing world of fertility and women's health. 

femme health: Amy, you’ve shown a keen interest in femme health's holistic approach to supporting women's fertility journeys. How has this influenced your approach, especially with the diverse range of products we offer?

Amy Hart: Absolutely! I'm continually impressed by the range at femme health. It's a welcome change from the endless social media scrolling. I'm planning a shift to organic period products and am also preparing for baby number two after my wedding. Exploring fertility supplements is definitely a priority for me.

femme health: You've mentioned your hope for a second child post-wedding. As a femme health brand ambassador, do you think your approach to conceiving with Stanley will be different this time?

Amy Hart: Definitely. Before joining femme health, navigating this space felt overwhelming, like having countless tabs open on my computer. I love to research, and having all these resources in one place is a stress-reliever. The convenience of accessing supplements, products, and expert advice on the site is unmatched. The articles and expert panel are incredibly helpful.

femme health: We're aware of the regional disparities in the UK regarding access to fertility grants. What's your perspective on this issue?

Amy Hart: The postcode lottery for fertility grants is something I'm very passionate about. It's incredibly unfair. Partnering with femme health was an easy decision for me, as we both envision equitable access to fertility grants across the UK. I’m impressed with femme health's collaboration with the Fertility Foundation and their commitment to donate a portion of their marketing income to this cause.

femme health: As a role model, what advice would you give to those beginning their fertility journeys?

Amy Hart: My advice would be to gather as much information as you can, seek emotional support, and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Emotional support can come from partners, family, or even online communities. When I froze my eggs, I received incredible advice from my followers. Not everyone has such a network, which is why I'm excited about what femme health is doing. The femme community is a rich source of diverse experiences and tips. Let's support each other and celebrate each success story!