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Mira Max Starter Kit

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Meet the all-round solution to fertility hormone tracking. The NEW Mira Max Starter Kit includes the Mira Analyser and Mira Max Wands that measure LH, E3G, and PdG all in one - with 99% lab-grade accuracy. 

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Why you need it:

  • Mira uses quantitative technology which means you can capture your real hormone count in just 21 minutes.
  • If you have irregular cycles or hormone imbalances, Mira's ultra-sensitive technology can still capture your hormone changes with lab-grade accuracy.
  • Mira helps to achieve healthy pregnancies as it has been proven to be a valuable tool for those with PCOS.

Why we love it:

  • Mira is the only at-home fertility monitor on the market using quantitative technology.
  • You can forget blurry lines as Mira picks up higher hormone ranges.
  • It is great for PCOS and helps track the most important fertility hormones at once; LH, E3G and PdG.

What is it (and why):

  • An all-in-one lab-at-home device supported by wands that help track your hormones.
  • Mira’s AI is trained and optimised on 4M+ hormone data points and 370k+ menstrual cycles - and counting. This means your results will always be 100% personalised.
  • Over 80,000 people have chosen the Mira Analyser to guide their fertility journey.
How to use


Step 1 - Dip the test wand into urine for 10-20 seconds

Step 2 - Insert the wand into the Mira Analyser

Step 3 - In 21 minutes your hormone results will automatically sync with the Mira App.



The plastic material that is used to make the Mira wands is made from high-end medical-grade plastic. This ensures accuracy and complies with regulatory requirements.

Mira selected HIPS & ABS plastics for their wands. These plastics are Eco-friendly, and both of them are recycled plastic compound that is entirely recyclable.

These materials provide strength, are waterproof, and not easily deformed during their high-temperature manufacturing process.

Mira Max Starter Kit
Mira Max Starter Kit
Mira Max Starter Kit
Mira Max Starter Kit
Mira Max Starter Kit
Mira Max Starter Kit
  • Predict & confirm ovulation

  • See numeric hormone scores daily

  • Lab-grade technology - without going to the lab

  • FDA-listed

It works and it is so much easier!

I was able to see and confirm ovulation… with one wand! This is so much better! I much prefer an all in one wand. It takes time to test with each wand. Having all the hormones on one is a huge time saver. And it saves me money, too. This will be much easier to stick to.

Roxanne B

Right on the dot!

Funny enough, I used up my last wand on the day I had the LH surge. Of course my hubby and I got busy right away and 14 days later, I got a positive pregnancy test! Unfortunately, I miscarried. But I’ll be getting more wands to try again! I only gave it 4 stars because there wasn’t much explanation and example of what the chart meant. My chart looked like crazy zigzags and scared me at first but apparently it’s normal for me.

Jezreel J

Helpful for sure!

Easy to use, helpful to plan fertile window. I just use wands first thing, have my brekkie, add results and go on with my day.

Amber M


After months of trying we had a family member recommend the Mira and after our first cycle tracking with it we were pregnant! God is GOOD.

Rose L

First use, and pregnant 🤰

I used only one time, much better than normal ovulation tests. I’m 5 weeks pregnant 💜

Erika W

Frequently asked

Can I use Mira if my cycles are irregular?

Yes! With Mira, you can see your actual hormone concentrations. As long as you ovulate, you will be able to know when you ovulate - even with irregular cycles.

I'm trying to get pregnant. How can Mira help me?

People trying to conceive don’t always know when their most fertile days are. Researchers found that only 12.7% of people with ovaries know when they ovulate correctly, and only 55% estimated their ovulation within their fertile window. Mira tracks key fertility hormones concentrations to give you personalised insights and maximises your chances of conceiving.

I have PCOS, can Mira help me?

Sure! Mira's pregnancy rate is 2x higher in users with PCOS. The pregnancy rate of people with PCOS is only 26.7% during 3 cycles - even when using regular OPK and OPK technology. According to this study, users with PCOS who used Mira for 3 cycles achieved a 52.7% pregnancy rate.

How many wands do I need per cycle?

Mira states 10-20 per cycle are required based on testing day recommendations from the Mira App. With the starter kit you will get 10 wands to understand how they work for you.

How Mira's technology is different?

Mira uses lab-grade technology to measure key fertility hormones through urine. Did you know scientists use fluorescence-based tech at the fertility lab? So does Mira. Mira uses immunochromatography with fluorescence labelling. Their approach offers 99% accuracy without pricking, travel time, or spending thousands of pounds.

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