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Vida Glow

Vida Glow Women's Health De-Stress

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Anxiety. Stress. Reset. As part of your daily health routine, De-Stress relieves symptoms of stress and mild anxiety for mental wellbeing.

Quantity: 60 chewable liquid burstlets

*femme do not endorse products, nor do we confirm their effectiveness; instead we recommend that you always seek advice from your GP (and your fertility clinic, especially if you are taking prescribed fertility medication) before product use*


Why you need it:

  • De-Stress is an essential component of your daily health routine, providing relief from symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. The fast-acting cranberry-flavoured chewable liquid burstlets are designed to offer immediate calmness, addressing feelings of stress precisely when you need it.
  • Unlike standard anti-stress supplements, De-Stress takes a holistic approach by targeting both short-term stress symptoms and long-term stress adaptation. The scientifically formulated blend, works to promote emotional balance and enhance overall mental health.
  • De-Stress has demonstrated efficacy, reducing anxiety by 39% in just 6 weeks and stress-related tension by 59% after 12 weeks. The formulation is designed to provide mental clarity and support relaxation, making it a valuable addition to your routine during overwhelming moments.

Why we love it:

  • De-Stress incorporates SERENZO®, a clinically studied botanical extract known for its effectiveness in reducing symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. The inclusion of this evidence-based ingredient underscores the product's commitment to delivering real, scientifically validated results.
  • The inclusion of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, and vitamin B5, a crucial mood-regulating vitamin, enhances the formula's nutritional profile. These vitamins play essential roles in supporting emotional well-being.
  • The chewable liquid burstlets facilitate quick absorption, allowing for a fast response to stress. The combination of physiological and sensorial mechanisms ensures a comprehensive approach to relaxation, making it a standout choice for managing stress.

What's inside (and why):

  • SERENZO®: A clinically studied extract known for its ability to reduce symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. The inclusion of SERENZO® is backed by scientific evidence, making it a key ingredient for effective stress relief.
  • Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that supports the production of neurotransmitters involved in emotional well-being. Vitamin C also contributes to a healthy immune system, providing additional benefits beyond stress relief.
  • Vitamin B5: Crucial for regulating cortisol release from the adrenal glands, vitamin B5 supports a healthy stress response. It plays a vital role in energy production and overall vitality, making it an essential component of the formula.
how to use


Take 1 chewable liquid burstlet 1-4 times daily

Adults only. Not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Suitable for 18 years and above. Suitable for vegans.



Hero active Serenzo®, vitamin C and vitamin B5.

Vida Glow Women&
Vida Glow Women&
Vida Glow Women&
Vida Glow Women&
Vida Glow Women&
Vida Glow Women&
Vida Glow Women&
Vida Glow Women&
  • Stress

  • Mood balance

  • Healthy stress response

  • Citrus flavour

Lovely products and lovely service. Huge thumbs up to fresh looking skin.


Love the beauty cleanse, have a cup every morning with an additional squeeze of lemon in warm water. Definitely improves your overall well being feeling. Highly recommend have just purchased my next batch as the break in between have started to feel sluggish again so will continue to use this going forward - it's my little morning pick me up & treat as it tastes soo good :)

Hannah Leighton

Glad it's now in the UK.

I used Vida Glow a few years ago when it was only available in the US and had to be shipped over. I stopped using because it got expensive with the exchange rate and delivery. I have noticed a difference since I stopped so was so happy to see it available in the UK now.


Frequently asked

Why do I need De-stress?

Stress is a normal reaction to the everyday modern living. Impacting nearly every system of the body, it influences how we feel and behave, and can have a dramatic impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. De-Stress is a chewable, calming burstlet with a unique sensorial liquid centre that acts immediately to keep your mind calm throughout the day and keep your stress and anxiety levels in check.

What's in it?

Hero active Serenzo®, vitamin C and vitamin B5.

Who's it for?

De-Stress is for women looking to reduce stress, calm an anxious mind and promote mental wellbeing.

What is the dosage?

Take 1-4 chewable liquid burstlets daily, as needed.

Is De-stress right for me?

Whether acute or chronic, stress can affect us all. Making us feel overloaded and worried – and often, it happens when we’re faced with situations that we feel we can’t cope with mentally or emotionally. De-Stress is for those wanting to reduce the symptoms of stress and mild anxiety to improve energy, mood and general health. Formulated to support you in times of tension and unease, think of De-Stress as your daily boost of calm. So you can feel in control of your day – and mental wellbeing.

Where does De-stress fit into my routine?

De-Stress is designed for you and your daily health needs. Vida Glow know every day can look different, which is why Vida glow formulated an easy-to-consume, chewable liquid burstlet with therapeutic ingredients that take effect fast – no matter what time of the day you choose to supplement.

How fast does De-stress work?

A fast-acting liquid burstlet, De-Stress addresses symptoms of stress and mild anxiety in both the short and longer term. In clinical trials of De-Stress’ hero active, Serenzo®, results were experienced in as soon as 6 weeks, with optimal benefits seen at the 12-week mark.

Clinical trials

47.9% reduction in stress related concentration after 12 weeks.

41.2% reduction in stress related sleep issues after 12 weeks.

39% reduction anxiety in 6 weeks, -63% reduction after 12 weeks.

59% reduction in stress related tensions after 12 weeks.

Is De-stress vegan?

Yes, De-Stress is a vegan-friendly formulation. As is Gut-Pro, Prenatal+, Anti-G-Ox, Clear, Hairology and Radiance.

Can I take De-stress if pregnant or breastfeeding?

If pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend speaking to your preferred healthcare practitioner to ensure De-Stress is right for you during this time.

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