The Sonder Coach – Understand, Accept and Celebrate your story…

The Sonder Coach – Understand, Accept and Celebrate your story…

Drawing from her background in culture and human behaviour, Anna Hobson found her purpose in life coaching after experiencing mental health challenges, including eating disorders and OCD, during a challenging transition in her early thirties. Read on to learn more about self-sabotage.

Written by Anna Hobson 

Hi I’m Anna Hobson and I’m a certified coach with the European Mentoring Coaching Council since 2016 and I’m affiliated with the UK's Association of Executive Coaches. Drawing from my background in culture and human behavior, I found my purpose in life coaching following a challenging transition in my early thirties.

Having personally experienced mental health challenges, including eating disorders and OCD, I understand the impact of the "be perfect" mindset on quality of life. I’m passionate about helping others navigate their inner dialogue and self-narrative, particularly empowering women to reach their full potential.

As the ‘self love’ movement continues to gain momentum, we can find ourselves in juxtaposition.  Are you comfortable with ‘self love’? What exactly does ‘self love’ really mean?  Why do I still beat myself up about what I’m not doing, and overlook everything I am doing?! 

Cut yourself a little bit of slack please! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely am my own worst critic; from the finest of details about my work, my appearance, my behaviours.  I critique myself on such a micro level it’s exhausting.  We are being encouraged more and more to be kind to ourselves, but for many of us, this isn’t an easy feat.  Without wanting to pay lip service to it, the act and habit of self love (I prefer self compassion) takes practice.  By just noticing one thing that feels good about yourself, one thing you did well today, or by holding the space that little bit longer in the mirror to really accept your beauty, matters.  Warm up your inner dialogue and stop bullying yourself.

Our family and friends form our largest influence of social connections and are usually the most important relationships in our world.  But what if I asked you to notice how you feel when you’ve spent time around them? 

Have you ever seen those little fridge magnets in your local garden centre with quotes like ‘Friends are the family we choose’?  It’s little nudges like this that as I’ve got older, have got me thinking.  In my own adult life, when I’ve experienced highs and really tough and challenging lows, if I reflect on those times and I’m honest with myself, the people I thought would always be there, weren’t always there.  It’s a hard reality to face into and can feel really quite painful, but it can also equip you to protect your soul, your energy and importantly, your heart.

Your people are the ones who should champion you, celebrate you, care for you, be curious about you and your life, show you compassion, accept you, acknowledge your growth – not criticise it….  So I ask you, are your people, really your people?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel as though the weeks fly by and whilst I have the bet intentions to squeeze every opportunity out of every day, I blink and another week has gone!

There are many hats we wear; work hat, mum hat, wife hat, girlfriend hat, daughter hat, friend hat, chauffer hat, carer hat, chef hat, pet nanny hat, personal maid hat, fridge filler hat and so on… phew, that’s a LOT of hats and it’s nowhere near all of them.  Question…. when do you take some properly selfish time to wear your own hat and show up for yourself? I suspect if you’re really honest, the answer will be rarely.  Whatever that looks like, even if it’s a simple bubble bath, candles lit, with the door closed so you have some uninterrupted time, just for you.  This is a call to action, for you to take some properly selfish time out. Show up for yourself today - the other hats can wait.  I promise.